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    Default Kiki at 60 - very enjoyable

    Person's Name : Kiki

    Establishment : 60 Chatswood

    Date of Visit : 3/3/20

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

    Phone : 0448 829891

    Hours of Business : 10 til late

    Rates : $200/hr (Diamond Service)

    Age : She said 30, I would have guessed early 30s

    Size/shape : Pretty face, curvy figure, C-cups, big booty, fully shaved

    Nationality or Ethnicity : SG

    Services Provided : Rimming/DD/tromboning, BBBJ, 69, DATY, cowgirl, doggie, mish, CIM

    Value for money/recommend? : Yes - nice girl, good service

    My experience/comments : Decided it was time for another visit to Chatswood 60 so I called to book Kiki. Had a chat with Terry (the owner). Terry warned me that Kiki was not one of their younger girls and I said that I’d seen that the website gives her age as 30 and I also said that you can tell from the photos that she has a bit of surplus weight on her tummy.

    When I turned up Terry was no longer there and I was met by Roman and shown into a waiting room.

    Kiki soon turned up. She has a pretty face and was wearing a diaphanous white full-length dress over a black bra and knickers.

    I stripped and went to the shower and Kiki joined me.

    She has quite pale skin with C-cups and was fully shaved. The website, with refreshing honesty, says she has a “huge ass” and she does. The photos are real but probably a couple of years old and her ass is actually even larger – something to get a good hold of!!!

    Kiki gave me a thorough washing, especially my arse which, in view of what was on the menu, was fair enough.

    Onto the bed and there was a bit of a catbath and a squeeze of my cock between her tits before she knelt between my legs.

    I raised my knees in the air and Kiki pushed them even higher, sprayed some stuff on my arsehole and started rimming me.

    I don’t do flexible anymore so after I while I turned over and knelt on all fours, head down and Kiki was immediately jamming her tongue up my arse and stroking my cock – very nice.

    After a good while I turned over and she started a very good BBBJ – no teeth, good tongue-work, nice eye-contact and she went pretty deep. Throughout the session she did use a lot of tissues but it didn’t particularly interrupt the flow.

    I suggested some 69 and she moved round, asking me to lick her gently.

    Kiki was quiet at first but gradually warmed up and got more vocal before she squirmed away.

    After a breather I got her to lie down for some DATY.

    She was making all the right noises but I don’t think she came again.

    I stopped licking her and she asked me to fuck her. I got her to briefly suck me again but I soon had to ask her to get a condom.

    As she dressed me I asked whether I could later cum in her mouth and she said I could.

    We started with some cowgirl. At first I did the moving but Kiki soon took over and was twerking up and down on me which was good.

    I suggested some doggie and stood by the bed.

    As I said, she has an arse to get hold of – good sight – but she stopped me when my finger strayed to her arsehole.

    We then has some mish before I asked her suck me some more. I soon squirted in her mouth and she kept on sucking me for a good while before getting up to spit in the sink and have a quick shower.

    There wasn’t much time left so I quickly asked her the usual questions – her English is OK. She’s been in Australia for about 18 months, has recently started at 60, working six days a week, and had previously worked in Smithfield and briefly at 47b Mortdale.

    I soon had to shower dress and depart.

    On the way down the corridor a saw a pretty, petite and seemingly shy girl who said her name was Alana. And Lexi was in reception (also pretty but definitely not shy).

    “Thank you” to Roman and back to my car.

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    Newboy is the most efficient punter on this site, getting the biggest bang for his buck over the life of all his punts.

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    Person's Name : Kiki

    Establishment : 60 Chatswood but currently working privately from a house in Lindfield. Appointment booking was through the venue wechat ID

    Date of Visit : 16 June 2020

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : Chatswood, Artarmon Brothel & Escort Service | Chatswood 60

    Phone : 0448 829891

    Hours of Business : 10 til late

    Rates : $200/hr (Diamond Service)

    Age : Early 30s I think

    Size/shape : Lovely face but her picture on the advert is smoothened out - I had to look twice to ensure it’s the same girl I chose from the advert, curvy figure, C-cups, fully shaved

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Didn’t ask her, I am bad at recognising the nationality unfortunately

    Services Provided : BBBJ, 69, DATY, doggie, mish, DFK

    Value for money/recommend? : Yes

    My experience/comments :
    Since COVID restrictions were eased, I have been on a punting marathon. After a long day at work, I decided to treat myself. Booking through Chatswood60 wechat ID is always easy.

    Fixed a time, confirmed the address and I was on my way to see Kiki. Reached the place, parking on the streets - pretty easy. Since it was in the night, I couldn’t identify the house as I couldn’t see the house numbers. Also I didn’t want to randomly knock the door to realise I was in the wrong place.

    I called the phone number and the mamsan directed me to the right house. When she opened the door, I realised I had spent time with her at Roseville rose before. Well she wasn’t in a mood to chit chat, so she took the money and I was directed to the room where Kiki was waiting. She gave me the towel and took me to a shared bathroom/ shower facility. By the way, it’s a beautiful house. Good on them that they can rent it and continue to make a living.

    Kiki’s English is probably next to nothing. So a bit awkward she prepared the shower while I was trying to make a conversation but not getting any response. I take a quick shower and interestingly Kiki kept waiting outside for me. She took me to the room after my shower and made me relax. Asked me to lye down with face down. I believe she has a set routine and I didn’t want to change that. So played along. She started rubbing those lovely boobs on my back, between my butt crack, and started kissing all over my back.

    After some time, she asked me to turn around and started a cat bath. I let it go with the flow but to be honest, I felt at the end that time flew and didn’t get to all the services advertised under “Diamond service”. So just a warning for other punters to be conscious of this.

    Kiki slowly went down and started kissing my balls, inner perenium, and then onto an enjoyable BBBJ. She maintained a good eye contact with deep suction, no teeth involved. I let this go for sometime as I was really enjoying it. I asked her to come to me for a kiss and we started some DFK. She went back to BBBJ again. Now it was time for me return the favour.

    Started DATY. She has a fully shaved pussy. Started playing with her clitoris, while combining fingering and my tongue to stimulate her. I just kept it up and she was squirming away while I kept playing with my tongue. She was fucking my tongue now and I can see she was enjoying it. Her juice was flowing covering my face, loved the taste of it especially when she held my head to keep my tongue at work. I didn’t want to let this go, and kept tongue fucking her. She was now guiding my tongue to different sections of her pussy, with her gushing. You could see the bedsheet was getting drenched from whatever was coming out of her pussy. This went on for nearly 10 minutes or so if not more. Very satisfying.

    After a quick wipe of my face which is drenched with her pussy fluids, I went upto kiss her. We had a good DFK. Asked her to Dom me up. Started with missionary position, made love to her while we were clutching ourselves to each other. She couldn’t kiss me anymore as she was gasping for air while we were fucking. Would have loved the DFK to continue while fucking but alas not to be.

    We decided to change into doggy position. For some reason, she just gave access to her pussy lying sideways. A new position for me, and to be honest, it was a good position for me to enter in an angle I haven’t experienced before. With me fucking her hard in that position, I felt my dick was getting squeezed better in that style. After pumping in that state for 10 minutes or so, I came. Fully drained, I crash on to bed while we cuddled for sometime. Time was nearly up and decided to take a shower. I was hoping to experience the rimming but the initial time spent on her routine ate into that.

    But overall an enjoyable session. She took me to shower. I saw a beautiful lady with her arse shown bare standing in the kitchen. Although I couldn’t see her face, I recognised that it was Anna whom I had met couple of weeks ago. Took the shower with Kiki, she gave me a nice wash. Don’t expect any conversation in English as it’s quite poor.

    While returning to the room, I saw Anna was on her phone and she saw me. I doubt she recognised me. Dressed up, hugged Kiki and got out of there. While trying to get out, there was another punter who was already there walking through the main door. I like being discrete, so I waited back in the room for everything to be clear. Kiki indicated I can go now. While walking to main door, lovely Coco decided to see me off. I had a quick chat saying I have seen her before. She smiled and waved goodbye.

    Overall good session. Would visit Kiki again, but I would love to taste some new ladies first before rushing to Kiki again. cheers!

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