Youko at 60 - worth it for the amazing BJ alone
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Thread: Youko at 60 - worth it for the amazing BJ alone

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    Default Youko at 60 - worth it for the amazing BJ alone

    Person's Name : Youko

    Establishment : 60 Chatswood

    Date of Visit : 11/1/19

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

    Phone : 0448 829891

    Hours of Business : 09:00 til 04:00

    Rates : $140/hr (promotional rate)

    Age : 28 (she told me - could well be right)

    Size/shape : Pretty enough face, slimish but still shapely figure, lovely natural D-cups, nice butt, good legs, closely trimmed bush

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

    Services Provided : DFK, BBBJ, 69, DATY, FIV, cow-girl, doggie, CIM

    Value for money/recommend? : Absolutely. A great session with a very enthusiastic lady - worth it for the amazing BBBJ alone

    My experience/comments : Called in the morning and asked Jianni which girls were working and randomly booked Youko.

    Was met by a new bloke on reception – he later told me his name was Tidus (“Tie-dus”) – and had a short wait before Youko came and led me to the room.

    On the way I met Jianni – she was still in her pyjamas but still looked good!

    I hadn’t been in this particular room before and there was actually a clock on the wall. There hasn’t been a clock in the other four or five rooms I’ve previously been in and I’ve told the receptionists several times they should put clocks up. OK, it was an hour slow but at least it worked.

    Youko is tallish with a pretty enough face and was wearing a tight black mini-skirt and a mustard-coloured top over a black bra – the same outfit as in the photo on their website. (Full marks to the shop for their photos.)

    She was immediately friendly and cheerful, giving me a hug and a peck on the lips.

    I stripped and showered and Youko joined me.

    She has a slimish but shapely figure with nice, natural D-cups, a nice bum and good legs. Her bush was closely trimmed.

    Youko gave me a thorough washing and we went to the bed.

    She started with a bit of a catbath, rubbing her tits over my torso, before heading south and starting an amazing BBBJ.

    She started nice and slowly, licking my perineum and balls before moving up my shaft.

    She squirted some lube on her hands and massaged my balls and perineum and tickled my arsehole while blowing me.

    There was no hint of teeth, lovely eye-contact and great hand-action.

    Youko gradually increased the tempo and managed to go reasonably deep. The feeling of the lube on my shaft while she stroked and sucked me was fantastic.

    There was a little bit of FOAMing but it was OK as it sort of went with her enthusiastic and passionate approach to the BJ.

    After a while she had a break and knelt beside me for some more nipple-licking and I started to finger her pussy which was quite wet.

    More BJ and I then suggested some 69 and Youko moved round.

    She was soon responsive and I gave her a brief rimming and played with her arsehole but she swiped my hand away after just a small amount of insertion.

    Youko squirmed away (I think she came) and had a breather before DFKing me and then sucked me some more.

    I was soon too close to cumming so I suggested she lay down for some DATY. She had her legs high in the air with her arms crooked behind her knees to give me perfect access and I also inserted a finger up her vag while I licked her. She also grabbed my hands and plonked them on her tits.

    Before long she was giggling and squirming and pushing me away saying “Sensitive. Too horny”.

    More BJ and I then had to ask her to get a condom.

    She straddled me for some Asian-style cow-girl, initially going slowly and holding onto my shaft as she was pretty tight and seemed a bit discomforted.

    Youko gently rode me for a good while before she said “You fuck me” and dismounted.

    I was surprised when she knelt on all-fours for some doggie so I stood by the bed and she guided me back in.

    She kept her legs together but it was still very good (but my hand was swiped away again when my thumb strayed to her arsehole).

    Youko seemed to enjoy the doggie and was making all the right noises.

    I could easily have finished it off like that but the website says she does CIM and I fancied some of that although she seemed a bit surprised when I suggested it. (The website also says she does “BBBL” whatever that is!!)

    I lay down and Youko wiped me down and applied some more lube and was soon vigorously bobbing up and down.

    I made it clear when I was cumming but she kept going and I squirted in her mouth.

    I had to get her to stop and she sat up with cum dribbling down her chin. She wiped her mouth with a tissue and said “I’m not hungry. I already had breakfast”.

    Youko showered and joined me on the bed.

    Via my translator app I established that she is from Guangzhou, has been here three months, works at 60 on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and other days works at some RnT place in the City (but said the money isn’t so good there).

    We were talking about places I’ve been in China etc and the intercom buzzed but there was no rush to get rid of me. Eventually I showered, dressed and departed.

    Gave some feedback to Tidus on the way out – they were quite busy this morning – and said hello to a new girl called Cherry.

    Also had a chat with Jianni and again mentioned the lack of clocks in other rooms and she said she’d buy some.

    Very good session with an enthusiastic and shapely girl who is eager to please. Well worth it for the BBBJ (or BBBL) alone.

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    Hey Newboy,
    Jane said that you are cute.
    You will have to pay her another visit now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jethro751 View Post
    Hey Newboy,
    Jane said that you are cute.
    You will have to pay her another visit now.
    Thank you. Jane is clearly a lady of great taste (or, more likely, bad eyesight with a poor memory).


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    I am going to try 60 Chatswood very soon
    Putting the spoon away

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    Quote Originally Posted by Newboy View Post
    Thank you. Jane is clearly a lady of great taste (or, more likely, bad eyesight with a poor memory).


    She told me that I was her Bf!.. when I saw her the other day..

    She said I was a hansom young punk and we were going to have kids together!..



    In love with ALINA LI.. Angela Chung.. Marica Hase.. Cindy Starfall including Rosie Ly now.. and now too Playboy Playmate YEN HOANG.. add to that Tia Tanaka.. and now Lea Hart.. and the hottest new cougar AKIRA LANE! and now add to that theblackalley model Lolita Cheng.. including now the most beautiful Thai babe I have ever laid my eyes on!.. Ope Maynart Mandsurang.. Now including KPOP BAND SISTAR.. and now Lee Hyori "10 Minutes".. OMG.. MAY THAI.. add to that now LIN LEE.. plus LIU WEN,MING XI, SUI HE and XIAO WEN JU.. NOW IN LOVE WITH YUMI ANNE.. add to that CLARA LEE.. plus AYUMI ANIME and now Tiffany Rain.. plus adding EMBER SNOW.. my latest IT girl/favourite #1 and hot Korean PS - HONEY MOON..

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    Person's Name : youko

    Establishment : 60 artarmon

    Date of Visit : second saturday in january 2019

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

    Phone :

    Hours of Business :

    Rates : had a special 140 for 60 min

    Age : told me 28. Could be right or maybe early 30

    Size/shape : slim. Quite tall. Nice boobs

    Nationality or Ethnicity : china

    Services Provided : gfe, bbbj, cfs, dfk

    Value for money/recommend? : yes

    My experience/comments : (Please put some effort into this part for all of our readers, a minimum requirement of 25 words or more to get a picture of time spent and experience had.)

    I was lucky enough to sample this lady. I havent seen her name in the roster anymore. Everything that newboy said about her on the initial post was on point. I have the similar experience.

    It was my first and only time at this joint. I was impressed with the set up. Very clean and tidy place. Very modern decor. Nice and friendly asian male receptionist. He brought me to the viewing room which i think is just across the hallway from the girls waiting room. Was shown 3 girls may, cherry and youko. All of them were very atrractive and pretty. But chose youko. She was wearing exactly the same outfit as per website.. i asked for happy. But the boy said she wasnt working although the website said differently.
    In the room i got pretty much the same service with newboy. Lots of dfk. Nice bbbj. And we mostly had wot as it was the highlight watching her up and down on me.
    She is a cheerful girl. A few times she apologized for her bad english but that didnt stopped her of trying to have a good conversation after the sex. Apparently she has had tried many shops to work at. Mostly around north area. And a few massage shops around the city and Burwood. I never see her on the roster anymore. So if anyone have any info on where she is working now. Pls do share. Cheers

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