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    Default Baby - Eden Garden, Crows Nest, NSW - 0452169188

    Person's Name: Bibi (when I said Baby? She said no, Bibi like BBQ, she told me she only work Wednesday and Sunday)

    Establishment: Eden Garden

    Date of Visit: Wed, 8-8-2018

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink:

    Phone: 0452169188

    Hours of Business: 10am - late

    Rates: $ 150/hr

    Age: may be late 20 something

    Size/shape: size 8, chubby

    Nationality or Ethnicity: she told me HK

    Services Provided: BBBJ (with a price), light kiss (on the lips only), DATY, CFS

    Value for money/recommend: yes but no

    My experience/comments:
    After reading through those countless ad from Eden recently, I decide go there to give a try. Parked my car in the Woolie car park, walk across the road and sneak into the shop through their Alexander St entrance.
    Two very young asian boy reception greeting me at the door (+1 point).
    Look around the place, nothing fancy about the interior design, but everything looks new, tidy and clean. One of the reception take me to the last room on the left, he explain to me in details about the pricing structure (+1 point). also, room itself is new, nicely setup and clean (+1 point).
    Anyway, after less than a minute of waiting, an extreme busty asian girl walk up to me and grab my hand to squeeze her bust, next minute I know, I give her the money already (I'm a big sucker for the busty female, forgot to check out other WL, +1 point for her good sales skill).

    While I was having my shower, she pop out the room to settle the finance. By the time she come back I already in the process of wiping myself dry (I normally take around 5 minute to wash myself when I'm in the brothel).

    Bibi walk up to me to give me a big hug and a light kiss on the lips. The feeling of her breast pressing against my check was awesome. Next minute I know her top is gone and I was holding her pantie like a trophy in my hand. I position her in doggie and DATY from behind. (+1 point).
    After providing her with a short DATY I decide is her turn do give me a BBBJ, she tell me if I want BBBJ tip her $20, cause I was so into her bust I said ok without think of anything (according to the reception everything is included, or may be I have misunderstood the meaning of "including". therefore -1 point).

    Here BBBJ or her BJ skills in general was pretty average, nothing special about the whole thing. one thing to mention, she may be the busty queen in the shop, but I think we can also crown her with another new title "tissue queen". -1 point).

    Sex is pretty average, but her pussy was pretty tight, lot of FOAM, but for some reason I just don't find the whole poking exercise is exciting enough, I have to close my eyes to think of some other porn video to help me cross the line (-1 point).

    After clean up, she try to give me a massage, but I have to stop her within few second, cause she either don't want to do the massage or she just don't know how, cause she was pushing my back muscle in a direction thats so painful where I still feel the pain next day (-1 point). After couple minutes of chit chat, time to end the session. Quickly grab a shower put on my cloth, she remind me her $20 BBBJ tips, I gave her $50 and she gave me $20 change, I look at her with $20 change in my hand but she just pretend she didn't know whats wrong (-1 point). This is just a very small amount of money, but the way how she don't the thing was just wrong.

    Left the room, see no sign of any reception, so I just left the shop to Woolie to do my late night grocery shopping.

    My score system starting from 5 out of 10, passed mark is 6/10, by adding up all point for this sexercise, I gave them 5/10 = FAIL.

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    Thank you for your review.
    We took your feedback on board and will look to improve going forward.
    We will ensure a 5/10 will become a 8/9 out of 10 next time.

    Have faith in us.

    Eden Club Brothel
    Address: 407 Pacific Highway, Crows Nest (rear entrance 6 Alexander Street)
    Tel: 0452 169 188

    Full Service Price
    30m : $90
    45m : $130
    60m : $150
    Includes some extras (to keep you happy)

    Visit our partners:
    Silver Fox Massage

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