Person's Name : Vicky

Establishment : Eden Garden

Date of Visit : 13th April 2019

Contact Details/Address/Weblink : 407 Pacific Highway Crows Nest/

Phone :0452169188

Hours of Business : 10:00 til late

Rates : $150 ph

Age : 30’s+

Size/shape : Size 8, 150cm, D-E Cup Enhanced, shaved

Nationality or Ethnicity : China

Services Provided : bbbbj That’s as far as it went

Value for money/recommend? : Definitely No

My experience/comments:

Was in the exploring mode.
So Decided to give this place a go.
Made a booking yesterday for today on the internet, very fast and efficient.
Decided for after hours as parking might be a problem, as I was right, we had a 7:00 pm booking and there was ample parking.
Arrived a little early used the front entrance, again opposite a bus stop.
Up,the,stairs and ring the door bell.
Shown in.
The shop, looks very nice and organised.
After if I had a booking.
Yes Vicky for two hours.
Ah yes.
Mamasan goes to room 6 which is opposite the entrance and talks to someone, then said do you go in.
Financials sorted.
Into,Room Vicky inside.
Room is nice and big with a massage table in the middle , bed at the end of the room, shower and TV.
Wearing Black panties, bra and a little black jacket, also wearing her glasses.
She seemed ok, had a bit of a bum on her but over all she was ok.
Shower Shower.
Jump into the shower.
Come out of the shower and she is on the bed and playing with a toy on her pussy.
Jump on the bed
Starts a Cat bath To much hair to much hair
Then starts a bbbj.
Oh to big to big.
Let her go.
Bbbj was ok, reasonable suction no teeth.
But kept stopping to big to big.
Then she started using a tissue held tight to put our dick in her mouth.
Then a chop stick
Let her go.
Just kept complaining to big to big.
No CIM to big.
That got my attention .
Let her go.
Again to big to big.
We where lying on the edge of the bed and she was kneeling on a pillow.
I get up, and say.
To big to big I’ll get another girl.
Get up and get dressed she still kneeling on the pillow,
I say it’s ok to big.
Walk out 25 mins into a 2 hour session.
To mamasan, shes no good, I’ll pay only 30 mins.
I can’t believe.
Told her she kept complaining much hair, lifted my shirt up, what’s she complaining about.
And to big to big.
Reply,was she’s good.
Told her not tonight.
Got,a $210.00 refund.
Mamasan kept say, she good, again told her no not tonight.
Out, the door and head home.

No,girl has never complained like that.
Never had this problem.

Would we return, probably not, can’t see it happening.

Are we upset. No
Are we disappointed. No
It happens.
We have much more good visits that bad visits.

As always

Look after and respect the girls
As they look after and respect us