Person's Name : Bobbi

Establishment : Artarmon Remedial Massage

Date of Visit : 21 aug 2019

Contact Details/Address/Weblink : 84A Hampden rd, Artarmon

Phone : 0416 723 511

Hours of Business : 10 to 9

Rates : 60 mins $65 + $50 tips

Age : 24

Size/shape : 10ish, cup E tits, about 160cm

Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

Services Provided : NHJ

Value for money/recommend? : Yes

My experience/comments :

Felt in need of stress relief so opened up WeChat and scroll through the posts and immediately the new girl Bobbi catches my eye. I'm not really a fan of humongous tits but that rack is too good to pass up so I excitedly make a booking to see what treats await me.

Anticipation is sky high but the first thing I notice when Bobbi walks in and I have to be honest here, is that she's heftier in person than what the photos portray. Don't get me wrong, the photo is definitely her but there's definitely some camera tricks being applied. Still the amazing rack is on show but I'd say she's similar in size to Andie if you've met her before. English may be a problem for some but we communicated fine. Face wise, she's a cute young lady with a little highlight streak in her hair which only serves to enhance her appeal.

I was impressed with her massage as she uses good pressure and has a good range of techniques using palms, knuckles, forearm and even knees at one point. She told me she's been in the industry for 6 months. Systematic in her approach, she rubs me top to toe, back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, legs. Very thorough and enjoyed it immensely. Nearly fell asleep as it was so soothing. From time to time, she would stand next to the table with my arm pressed between her legs which would help set the mood for what was to come.

At the turn over, she asked me whether I want hand relief and a nude hand job was agreed. She slipped out of her pink top only partially down to her waist revealing her enormous full breasts and big nipples, very similar to Andie which I am a fan of. She's got some flab around her waist but it's hard to notice when my eyes were glued to her chest. Surprisingly, she's got a great curvy booty and it was hard deciding whether I wanted to cup her tits or her cheeks. If I were to describe her technique, it would be a slow sizzle. She would come up to my chest to lick my nipples then position herself at the foot of the table, pressing her tits together around my cock and pumping it slowly. Other times, she would tease me by holding one breast and making circular motions around my tip. The hand job was just as good, unrushed with good long strokes and pressure. Didn't take long for me to explode with a body like that.

So to sum up, I really enjoyed my time with Bobbi. She's a sweet lady with an amazing body and she's got decent massage skills to boot.