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    Default Jessie Artarmon Remedial Massage

    Person's Name : Jessie

    Establishment : 84a Hampden

    Date of Visit : October 31, 2018

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

    Phone :0416 723 511

    Hours of Business : 10-8.30

    Rates : $60 for hour plus $50 tip

    Age : mid late 20’s

    Size/shape: Sz8 , 48kg

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Vietnamese

    Services Provided : massage NHJ Great kissing

    Value for money/recommend? : yes.

    My experience/comments : Great massage followed by fantastic, sensual experience with a beautiful woman.

    Jessie is everything other reviewers have described and an hour with her is bliss. Part one was worth the money alone, leaving me more relaxed than you can imagine.

    Part two was sensual beyond belief, leading me to believe more might be on offer in future visits.

    Her soft kisses with beautiful full lips are memorable. Yes, this was a genuine GFE.

    This was one of four visits I’ve made to the shop in recent weeks.

    My first was with voluptuous Lily, who is, as confirmed by others, a sexy knockout.

    The second was with Jessie, leading me to believe this must be the best new shop in Sydney.

    I’ve since had an hour with Mia (great English, very professional part one, gorgeous looking, but a robotic part two) and an hour with Nicole (nice looking but giggly and lacking the required raunchiness).

    Jessie and Lily are certainly worth seeing but other punts might not be of such a remarkable standard. Guess the prices are pretty reasonable.

    I wonder if the lack of recent auxxx reviews plus the ongoing absence of a daily roster is an indication that top quality girls are in short supply.

    Would definitely see Jessie and Lily again but would be reluctant to punt on unreviewed girls.
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    I rang this joint a few days ago and Jessie long longe works there.

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