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    Person's Name : Lisa
    Establishment : Artarmon Remedial Massage Centre
    Date of Visit : November 2019
    Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

    Phone : 0416 723 511
    Hours of Business : 10:00 - 22:00

    Rates :
    60 minutes: $65

    Age : early 20's

    Size/shape : Slim, B Cups
    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese
    Services Provided : Massage, NHJ
    Value for money/recommend? : YES

    My experience/comments :
    Met Lisa, she looks much better than her pics :-).

    Lisa has an amazing petite body and she is a pocket rocket, on the go from the start. Some nice kissing to start then onto the table.
    Nice hard massage, was in the room with the side mirror which was great to see her in action.
    Good work on the shoulders and legs.

    After a towel down she was in the mood for some fun, it was her turn Lovely small boobs to play with and kiss, played with her shaven pussy and a bit of breakfast, she enjoyed this.

    Then it was my turn, great technique and I was happy. Cleaned up and I was off.

    I'll be back to see her if I can get there on a Friday, which is hard.

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    Person's Name : Lisa

    Establishment : 84A

    Date of Visit : Monday 13th January, 2019

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

    Phone :

    Hours of Business : 10-10

    Rates : $65 hour + pineapple

    Age : 23

    Size/shape : petite

    Nationality or Ethnicity : PRC

    Services Provided : NHJ, grinding, massage delete

    Value for money/recommend? : very much so....

    My experience/comments : (Please put some effort into this part for all of our readers, a minimum requirement of 25 words or more to get a picture of time spent and experience had.)

    I have not been to this place for maybe one decided to pop in knowing the likelihood of the ‘Boss’ tripping me up was manageably low.....there’s another fucking story right there....

    Anyway, I rang Penny whilst I was downstairs and asked if Lisa was on....she was and was available right was 11.30am so I slinked through the front door and up the stairs.

    Penny barely recognised me but when she did her eyes lit up and a smile was rather nice and we had a little chat...I paid my $65 for the hour and waited.

    Lisa came in one of the nicer rooms down the corridor.

    My initial observation was of a shy young lady.....this was quickly dispensed when I gesture for her to come towards me which she did and was immediately affectionate.

    I must say her English is struggling and coupled with the fact she is so softly spoken, I was having to guess what she was trying to say which began to become annoying.....

    What ensued was a writhing, groping, grinding session which was most pleasant. No FS was asked for nor was it offered. Lisa on top, CG, grinding on my cock was fantastic, especially as it lead to Lisa cumming......kissing only on the lips and if you tried even the LFK your efforts would be met with her lips slamming shut even harder......maybe it was just me and she goes full on GFE for others.

    WIR? Yeah maybe I would, but to try some other long as the fucken coast is clear!!! ROFLMAO!


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