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    Default Mia Culpa . Massage @ 84a Hampden

    Name: Mia

    Establishment : 84a Hampden

    Date of Visit : October 2018

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : JO2456125057

    Phone :0416 723 511

    Hours of Business : 10-8.30! Last booking

    Rates : $130 /30 mins, incl std tip.
    It seemed Mia had been pitched at a higher price point. Not certain if this still the case.

    Age : early/mid 20ís

    Size/shape: Sz8 , 50kg? 160cm cute B-C cups light coloured firm skin, tiny wasted, fuller hips and a fulsome ass. Golden hair, fully shaved. Though Mia would be a true golden blond if she chose not

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Sth American , Peruvian

    Services Provided : Massage NHJ , other extras may be available YMMV

    Value for money/recommend? : yes, despite how the session was for me (ok) and that others have likened Mia to the highly skilled minx Alice, for me, it was a std ordinary massage and RnT, albeit with a very cute woman with a warm personality.

    My experience/comments :

    Had walked away from this session at 84a somewhat nonplusssed.

    Ordinarily I would have been light-footed and would if time permitted sit at the coffee shop below, talk with the Vietnamese waitress/barista and savour the recent ardour and pleasures encountered.

    The day despite the bright blue, and that I had recently been in a state of undress and orgasm minutes prior, trod down the stairs feeling far less exuberant than I had expected.\or ordinarily experience.

    Id been looking forward to seeing either Annie or Mia, after been offered some off record info and had Pennyís thoughts; opted to book an initial 30 mins.

    The unusual aspect of this morning, was that Penny collected both the massage and the tips at the the beginning of the session. Iím uncertain if this is now std shop policy and approach and as mentioned the cost for the 30 min - $130.

    Was offered again the room immediately beside reception and declined, Penny then quickly ushered me to the furthest end room. Much better.

    Iíd taken the habit (if wanting all pt.2) of waiting for the ML to enter before undressing, as it can be a sensual part of the play, to be helped and help each undress, however Mia bustles in all smiles and business instructs me too undress, lay on the table.

    Suit off, all the while we have struck up a reasonable conversation, I did have to take the lead to try and build the chat, though once started Mia was quite forthcoming and happy to talk. Nothing provocative, just usual back n forth very much what youíd have with a new cutter at your favourite salon.

    I have plenty of time to look upon Mia and she is cute, she is bubbly and with her hair down more than girl next door pretty. Certainly a lot of the pics up on WECHAT are poetic licence, though with at least one actually her.

    Iím on the table and Mia does a full circuit moving one hand softly across my skin as she goes along with the occasional sharpness of her nails been felt...shiver and my mind is thinking this maybe some fun. We are talking and she positions herself at the head of the table and starts a long reach down along my back onto my ass, its an attempt as Mia doesnít have the height nor reach to do this,

    As she starts another stroke, I raise my head and looking to her, smile and say lets move on if we may. No problems and Mia is quickly down to her lingerie, and I sit up.

    Mia moves toward me and in her softened voice, takes me hard in her hands and lays out the rules; it is crystal despite what others may have experienced or, thought they had, there is to be nothing more on offer today than a simple NHJ. The sensations I had only moments before been feeling, the anticipation only moments before, had all but gone and I felt a little resigned.

    With time passing I ask Mia to fully undress and again she does and reveals a gorgeous body, shapely breasts, light pink coloured nipples that can be gently touched, but very little more and while I am invited to freely move my hands across her body, here will be...no playing with my pussy. All ok and maybe next time I wonder.

    But now with time moving and knowing today itíll now take all the remaining time to make me come, I need to take my mind back to the intent of this moment and to restore the lost ardour.

    Mia oils her hands a little and starts a more than capable HJ, nice ball play and cupping tugging and with an occasional hand reaching out and pushing against chest and squeezing pinching a nipple, Iím feeling relaxed content and not that much more. I can sense Mia both a little impatient and tiring as often MLís donít enjoy the customer sitting upright, facing them (good for me), for some I think it is a bit intimate as you can lean in and it also is just harder work.

    I am asked to lie down and I do, we both have become clock watchers and while the chat has nicely continued and I know more about her actual or fictionalised account of why sheís here ,,, and what she is or isnít doing while shes here, we both have other places to be.

    Mia is doing dbl handed-reverse single-fast-slow-soft and Iím still not feeling it enough, so I ask her to focus on head and underside , if you please, She gets it but Iím still not getting it enough, I need a bit of physical stim but as thatís not on the table today, I ask Mia to get onto the table and position herself so I can see her pussy. Happily she does, and like her nipples a gentle soft pink of folds, clean shaven and it is all I can do to stop myself from taking her gently by the hips and lowering her to my mouth...but must not, but I do and am allowed to touch her ass and gently run my fingers around and over her mons venus and back through her inner highs, ever so close but not to touch.

    It helps and I'm climaxing with only mins to spare and we are both I think whispering thx fuk for that!!!

    The usual hot towel clean up and Iím back down the stairs thinking about past moments and coffee.
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    Great review Mr Crofter. You put me in the room. Thank you.

    Iíve had hit and miss experience at Pennyís shop ó mostly hit to be fair. My work keeps me in the CBD now so Artarmon is a geographic nuisance.

    Look forward to your next review.

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