Person's Name : Micky

Establishment : Artarmon Remedial Massage.

Date of Visit : Thu 11 July 2019

Contact Details/Address/Weblink : 84a Hampden Rd, Artarmon NSW. Line chat ID: artarmon84a

Phone : 0416 723 511

Hours of Business : 7days a week , 10 am-8:00

Rates : 30/45/60 min $40/55/65

Age : early 20s

Size/shape : 160cm, 50kg, B/C cups, English 7/10

Nationality or Ethnicity : Malaysia

Services Provided : NHJ

Value for money/recommend? : yes

My experience/comments :

Decided to try Micky for the first time today after seeing her photos on wechat. Those eyes beckoned me to come and I was enticed to see the rest of her. When she walks in, the first thing I notice are her braces as she greets me with a beaming smile. Shes soft spoken with a sweet presence about her, young and pleasant to look at, a girl next door look.

Lying prostrate on the table, she asks if I prefer oil or lotion. I choose oil as it feels smoother on the skin. Short on time (30 min), she applies firm but soft pressure around the shoulders, thighs and neck. She likes to use her knuckles around the neck and spine which I found soothing. Her english is good enough for a basic chat but Mandarin speakers will have better luck opening her up. There were no erotic touches during this part so it left me wondering what the next part would be like.

Half way through, she whispers if I want extras. $20 for hj and $50 additional for nude. Seriously, who goes for just the hj? She strips off and starts a sensual b2b with slow soft kisses along my back and legs while tenderly pressing her chest all over my body. Time to turn over and finally, I get to see my gift unwrapped. The best way I can think to describe Micky is that shes got a full womanly body with B/C cups and soft nipples. A bit chubby with wide hips and curves in the right places. Her hj was unrushed and she would tease my head with her finger tip by rubbing it in circles as well as blowing air on it (though not really a fan of that but her heavy breathing was a turn on so I didnt mind)

Time to bring this home, so I asked her to lie next to me while we enjoyed each others bodies. As Im busy roaming her body, she matches my rhythm stroke for stroke, pumping harder and faster until I explode all over myself. What sets a great hj apart from a good one is what comes next. She keeps going but slows down ever so gently to allow me to savour every moment.

All in all, an enjoyable session with a ml that knows how to please.