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    Default Eva - Kellys Five Dock

    Person's Name : Eva

    Establishment : Kellys Five Dock

    Date of Visit : Tues Mar 17, 2020

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : www.kellysasianflowers.com.au

    Phone : 02 97139378

    Hours of Business : 10 Am till ?

    Rates : $150 one hour

    Age : Mid 30's

    Size/shape : Small size 6, bit of tummy flab, slightly saggy B cups

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese, from Hubei provence

    Services Provided : DFK. BBBJ, Reverse CG, Cowgirl and Mish

    Value for money/recommend? : Not for me

    My experience/comments : I had booked Nicky for one last FS punt before lockdown and I was assured in the morning that she was working. When I arrived the Papasan said that Nicky was not rostered, and I asked him if he had been there all day, when he said yes I showed him my phone where I had called that morning. All of a sudden he said that I must have spoken to someone else. Needless to say he pushed for me to see a new girl Eva, "very good service, better than Nicky". Yeah right. As I was already there I decided to try her out.

    Into one of the rooms and Eva presents herself and in her lingerie she did look like a fairly attractive package. Some small talk ensued, and she told me she was from Hubei provence. I nearly shit myself but Eva assured me that she had been in Australia for many months. Once she removed her clothing I did notice a little bit of tummy fat and slightly saggy B cups but overall Eva was not unattractive.

    After some light kissing which progressed to heavy dfk and mutual touching and groping we landed on the bed and Eva started a cat bath, working her way from my nipples down to my stomach and around my dick and down to my testicles where she lifted them up and licked underneath and worked her way round to my arse, but I am not a rimming fan so I gently moved her head further up and she licked my shaft a bit and plunged it into her mouth and continued a deep bbbj which was a bit too fast for me but still quite good.

    Eva then slid up and she must have pre lubed and as she began a nice pussy slide and I closed my eyes and enjoyed it and I suddenly felt a warmth around my dick as she had slid the tip inside. She must have sensed my discomfort as she grabbed a dom and applied it and then jumped on in reverse CG for a while before switching to CG but she did not have a lot of energy so I got her to dismount and lie down so that I could enter in mish. I built up a fast tempo and although she was not particularly tight I was able to cum hard into the dom.

    I collapsed onto the bed beside her and she cleaned me up. She asked if I was happy and I said yes. To compare her to Nicky was like chalk and cheese though, and I am still not sure whether she actually planned to have me BB. I had not seen her on the roster before and who knows if she will appear again post lockdown and I doubt that I would see her again personally, but she is still a pleasant lady. Lesson learned again. If a papasan says a girl is good, do NOT believe him.

    I sweated for two weeks post visit due to her Hubei origin but all good, no symptons at all. Now like many others I am patiently waiting out the current restrictions and look forward to returning to full punting duties, I am saving money though


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    Quote Originally Posted by Rayo View Post
    Person's Name : Eva

    Lesson learned again. If a papasan says a girl is good, do NOT believe him.

    haha .. What is it about Papasan's?
    Never had a recommendation from one that was close to reality..

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