Person's Name : Nicole

Establishment : Unit 9/34 east st five dock, nsw

Date of Visit : 05/01/20

Contact Details/Address/Weblink : Kelly's Asian Flowers - Adult Service, Brothel, Escort, five dock Massage @ Five Dock Sydney

Phone :02-9713 9378

Hours of Business : 10 am till late

Rates : $150 hour

Age : late 20's

Size/shape : B Cups, small nipples, very tall, nice arse, nice tummy, landing strip, nice face. Slim and tall with an arse

Nationality or Ethnicity : Hong Kong

Services Provided :.semi dfk, bbbj, fs covered, spanish nipple rub

Value for money/recommend? : Yes

My experience/comments :.

Normally I see 40 to 50 year old chinese milfs (cheap and do what I want). Bit wary of younger girls as I have had some boring experiences. Anyway saw that Eden Garden had a cute 20 year old Annie so booked for However when I confirmed they said she didn't do diamond or bbbj so i didnt go.

Still wanting to try something younger I decided to try my luck at Kelly's. First time there and I am glad I went.

Was able to park out the back on the footpath which was convenient. Went upstairs and the mamasan asked me to sit in the alcove and wait. She called for a girl, I could hear her calling for Nicole. Anyway I was feeling a bit wary but then Nicole came in and grabbed me.

She was quite tall and wearing a small tartan skirt and bra.

She looked pretty to me and I thought why not. She took my hand and led me upstairs, going up she made my hand brush her behind so that was encouraging.

In the room we sorted finances and i decided on 45 minutes for $130. She asked me to have a shower while she went to get change of $140.

Nicole is quite talkative and has good english. She said she has only been at Kelly's for two weeks but I'm not sure about that (who cares). Anyway she took of her clothes revealing nice tits, shapely legs and a nice arse. So I thought great, even if I don't get what I want she is pretty and worth the price I had already paid.

We chatted for a bit while she played with my cock and balls and I sucked her nipples. She asked for a massage as she said she was tired and said if I gave her one she would give me a good time. Anyway 45 minutes is plenty of time and I like being nice so why not. I gave her a 5 minute massage.

Time for me. I decided on more nipple sucking and groping. Then asked if I could kiss her. She sort of turned her head away but then relented. Not quite DFK but she did open her mouth and let me use my tongue. Then she offered to suck my cock. I said I want bbbj and after an inspection she was happy to provide this service.

Usually I like a good face fuck but didn't try this. Still she was very good. She took all my cock for at least 10 minutes and let me do a bit of thrusting.

Hardly any tissue breaks good suction and no teeth.

Then I decided on some sex. She dommed me up and I grabbed her legs and pulled her towards me. She put her legs over my shoulders and I enjoyed some good slow standing mish. She made some nice noises and played with her tits.

I felt very comfortable and actually talked for a bit. I cant cum in a condom so after a while I asked if I could cum on her tits.

She said ok so I took of the condom and asked her to put some oil on her nipples and then start rubbing my cock vigorously back and forth over her nipples until I came.

Quite a lot of cum over her two small tits. A lovely sight which she let me enjoy for a few seconds before starting the clean up.

After cleaning up there was still about 15 minutes so we both sat naked on the bed and chatted.

I hav a long beard, maybe 12 inches and she plaited it for me which was nice.

She said she liked me and that she was sick of men who wanted the lot on a first visit and that maybe if I came back she would do more for me, CIM and ...

Anyway, time to go so I left her the change and said I would return. All in all a nice GFE with a pretty young woman, good relaxed sex, some exciting bits and a chat. I am 62 so I may be a bit biased.

YMMV, but I was happy. Be nice to her and maybe visit a few times.