Person's Name : Orange

Establishment : Kelly's Asian Flowers

Date of Visit : 13/10/19

Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

Phone : 9713 9378

Hours of Business : 10 til late

Rates : $150/hr

Age : 28 she told me (looks a lot younger)

Size/shape : Very pretty, lovely slim body, pert B-cups, cute butt, great legs, fully and freshly shaved

Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

Services Provided : LFK, BBBJ, 69, DATY, cow-girl, doggie, mish

Value for money/recommend? : 100% - a real babe

My experience/comments : Spoke to Kelly yesterday and booked a new girl Orange.

I gather that this Orange worked as Orange at 533 in mid-September for one day, and received a favourable review from Jethro, but she is not the Orange who is currently at 533 and was reviewed by me last week.

I was met by Cici, who joked that she is the new boss (so I congratulated her), and she sent me up to Room 2.

Rose and Orange were having a chat while Rose was drying her hair and Orange was putting on her war-paint (they are friends and have worked together at another shop).

Orange is very pretty and looked familiar to me but I wasn’t certain.

I stripped and showered and Orange removed her fluffy dressing gown. She was wearing a full-length black, see-through, dress over a black bra and g-string all of which she removed immediately.

Orange has a lovely slim figure, nice pert B-cups with cute button-like nipples, a tight butt and lovely legs. Her pussy was fully and freshly shaved and she has a couple of discrete tatts.

I lay on the bed and Orange knelt beside me and brushed her tits over my body before starting to lick my groin.

After some good work on my balls and perineum she worked her way up my shaft.

It was a very good BBBJ starting nice and slowly with no teeth, no interruptions, good tongue-work and lovely eye-contact.

I kept looking down to watch this absolute babe sucking me.

I asked for some 69 and she moved round and started reacting immediately.

She was soon writhing around grinding herself down on me and gently moaning. Then she was saying “I’m cumming”.

Orange said “We fuck” but it was too early.

My phone had pinged a couple of times so I checked it and saw a mate who is a senior member this forum was texting me for some advice about a certain shop. I quickly replied “Fucking a babe. Later.”

I got Orange to lie down for some DATY to lick her some more.

I was asked to stop when I went to insert a finger.

Lots of tissues were placed under her bum by Orange as it was getting very juicy down there.

I licked Orange for a good while as her reactions were lovely and we had got off to a quick start.

I lay down so she could suck me some more but I was soon close to cumming so I asked Orange to get a condom.

I asked whether I could later cum in her mouth but she asked for a tip.

We started with some cow-girl which was fabulous, looking up at this very pretty young girl passionately riding me.

We switched to doggie and I stood at the foot of the bed.

This was great as Orange has a lovely slim waist and cute bum and we made lovely eye-contact via the big mirror at the head of the bed.

I then asked Orange to lie down for some mish and she guided me back in.

I started slowly and gradually went faster.

Again it was, great looking down at this PYT who was reacting beautifully as I fucked her.

I’ve had a busy couple of weeks so it took me quite a while to cum, which wasn’t a problem as it was so good, but eventually I squirted, withdrew and collapsed on the bed.

Orange tidied me up and took a quick shower, pointing to her pussy and saying “Too much water”.

We then had a chat while Orange sat beside me and resumed putting on her make-up.

She said she was from Guangzhou and has been here about six months.

As we chatted I said that I wasn’t married and she said that she knew and went on to say she knew how many kids I had and told me some of the places that I’d been to in China – clearly I’d seen her before and told her my life story but I cannot work out where I saw her.

Orange told me two other shops she’d worked at, in addition to her one day at 533, but I haven’t been to one of them and it’s been a good while since I’ve been to the other one, so it is neither of them. I’m going to go through my notes to try to work out where I’ve seen her.

Time was up and I went downstairs for a long chat with Kelly.