Person's Name : Jenny

Establishment : Nadira Greenacre

Date of Visit : 8/3/19

Contact Details/Address/Weblink : 12 Norfolk Rd, Greenacre 2190, wechat: Nadiraclub

Phone : 9642 1683

Hours of Business : 12pm till late

Rates : $200 hour, premium

Age : 25

Size/shape : 157?cm, 42kg, c-d cup, cute

Nationality or Ethnicity : Vietnamese

Services Provided : bbbj, daty, cfs

Value for money/recommend? : ok

My experience/comments :

Thought I would try a different shop and Jenny's profile looked good. made a booking via wechat, easy

Shop exterior a bit over the top and in very open position, interior very good.

So, 1st cab off the rank at noon! Jenny just woke up and seemed sleepy.

I asked her if she was ok with my size as she was a lot shorter then 157 in my estimation. she agreed to go on with the booking.

Jenny ushered me into the shower whilst she was on her phone.

After drying off I jumped on the bed and Jenny followed on top of me.

I sucked her beautiful enhanced boobs and she returned with sucking on my nips.

Jenny soon moved down for a bbbj and ball sucking on my encouragement.

I asked if I could kiss her pussy and she readily said ok

i knelt on the floor and Jenny spread her legs open for me. I kissed and licked all round her pussy, eventually sucking her clit and tongue fucking her pussy.
with more licking her inner thighs and around her pussy, Jenny was getting really wet, so I moved up so she could put a dom on.

she lay on her back and lined up my cock, I gently pushed it into her pussy. I could see she was struggling with my size, and asked her if she was ok, affirmative

so I fucked her for ages with lots of wetness occuring, that lovely silkly smooth wetness. fucked her wheel barrow and she grimaced a few times - checked again, ok

I was on the edge for most of a good half hour and Jenny was starting to show signs of getting fed up.

so she then says - "I have had enough! you fuck too long!! (that's a first!!)

So I jump off and lie down, had a drink to cool down as the room was now very hot. Jenny then says "i never want to see you again" wow, I've really pissed her off as I've never had a WL say that to me

so Jenny then starts to tug me and it wasn't very nice, so I told her to stop. she lays beside me and I caress & cuddle her to smooth over the situation. she soon falls asleep and I'm thinking to myself "time to go"

she wakes up when I start to move, and soon we are embracing like "long lost lovers" and looking deep into each other eyes. heh? well, at least we'll part on reasonable terms.

in hindsight, I should have said no when I first met her, as I know small ladies struggle with me. though she is very beautiful in my eyes! and we did have sex for 45 mins!

on the way out the papasan asks "how was she?" I said ok (as why should my experience bear any influence on her work). he then says "she only been in Sydney for a couple of days", (so she was probably jet lagged or not used to working long hours).

is it punting anyway. I will go and fuck someone else tomorrow