Knowing that I would be in the city, I decided I would try a new place, 429a Pitt St.
I checked on the roster to see who was available and picked out two girls I decided to see.
Upon arrival at the premises I was greeted by the papasan, I told him whom I wanted to see, by name.
After waiting for about five minutes two girls came out to see me and introduced themselves. Their names were not of the ones I wanted to see.
I explained this to the papasan but he insisted that these were the two girls. I took out my I-phone, pulled up his website and showed him the roster with the two girls.
No, no was his reply. The two girls featured, and named, not on today. But the two girls offered were very good and just the same.
Sorry mate, does not work with me. Thank you and good bye. Will think twice about going here again.