Person's Name : Tereza

Establishment : 429 City

Date of Visit : August 2019

Contact Details/Address/Weblink : 429A Pitt St, Sydney NSW / / WeChat ID: club429

Phone : 02 9212 7010 / 0433 911 001

Hours of Business : 24/7

Rates : $150 30 mins, $220 45 mins, $250 60 mins

Age : Early 20s

Size/shape : Tall, slim, C cup

Nationality or Ethnicity : Czech

Services Provided : FS, CBJ

Value for money/recommend? : YMMV

My experience/comments :

When the GRIS came back on a couple of Tereza's images with hits on a couple of Czech escort sites, 429A had my interest and I made a couple of enquiries via WeChat before booking myself in for an exploratory 30 minute punt.

Its been a long time since I've been to 429A and while the reception area hasn't changed much it looks like they've done some very light renovations upstairs.

After a fair wait during which a couple of other punters were shown the line up in the adjoining partition, a casual but well dressed Tereza arrived to collect me and take me upstairs. The photos are real and are her.

Young, tallish and slim. She has long dyed blonde hair, pale white skin with a pair of cracking breasts with pink nipples. Long legs with a sizeable bruise running above one of her knees, in between is a landing strip above a clean shaven pussy. Tereza is easily one of the more attractive propositions I've had in recent memory. Also pretty pleasant to chat to.

While I was getting undressed, she sat on the bed and also undressed. She was nude by the time I'd finished taking off my clothes and the glimpse of her naked was enough to have me in and out of the shower in no time.

I joined her on the bed and she asked me to lie back while she pulled out a condom and proceeded to put it on my semi-hard cock with her mouth. Her technique is more use of the tongue than anything else which isn't to say its not unpleasant. I asked if we could 69 and no licking or touching [of her pussy] was the response. So I enjoyed the show and had no problem when she stopped and asked if I wanted to fuck.

She applied lube to herself and assumed the missionary position and requested that I go slowly. I asked about kissing and she blew me some kisses. So no kissing. At the start she used her legs to position herself so that I couldn't fully enter her and only really allowed very light touching of her nipples or breasts. There really wasn't much interaction or response on her part and I wasn't getting the necessary depth in missionary to climax so I had her switch into doggy. This was much better but again it was really just me thrusting away.

To finish, I had her switch back into missionary and put the pillow under her lower back. This allowed me to lean back and watch myself fucking her in the mirror. I came and after withdrawing Tereza scooted up to lean back sitting against the wall, hand me a couple of tissues from the bedside table, grab her phone and scroll through that while I took off the condom, cleaned up and headed to the shower.

We dressed together, some small talk and we headed back downstairs and with a goodbye at the bottom of the stairs I was left to head out.

I haven't had quite that passive a sexual experience in a long time. I wouldn't normally recommend her but she's a young, blonde EE girl in an Asian parlour in the CBD. YMMV.