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    Person's Name: Kitty

    Establishment: Hornsby 280 Massage

    Date of Visit: mid September 2018 (Wednesday evening)

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink: 0423 007 889 | 280 Peats Ferry Rd (old Pacific Hwy) Hornsby | Website | WeChat: massage280

    Hours of Business: Massage girls 10 AM - 8 PM, FS girls 24/7

    Massage + HJ: $60 / $80 / $90 for ½hr / ¾hr / 1hr (all inclusive)
    Nude Massage $90 / $110 / $125 for ½hr / ¾hr / 1hr (all inclusive)

    Age: Mid 20s

    Size/shape: Slim

    Nationality or Ethnicity: Thai

    Services Provided: Massage, Nude R&T

    Value for money/recommend? Yes

    My experience/comments:

    Noticed some new signage "Hornsby 280 Massage" on the door of 280 old Pacific Highway when picking up some fish and chips next door a few weeks ago and made a note to go give it a try sometime soon. Last time I remember (regretting) being there many years ago it was an old, tired, grotty, tacky brothel staffed by grandmas, so I hoped things had improved! Found their website online via this forum and decided to pop in after work one evening when the opportunity presents itself.

    That opportunity came on Wednesday evening last week. Jumped in the car and found a park in the big carpark out back behind Anytime Fitness. Remembered from the website that there was a discreet side entrance which seemed a much more appealing prospect than going in the main bright pink one (which screams I AM GOING IN TO A BROTHEL ). After a bit of hunting I find the discreet side entrance beside Danny's Patisserie. I go up the (creaky!) stairs and and ring the doorbell (security screen door is locked - it seems I'm looking in to their laundry). Mamasan quickly appears and lets me in, asking if I want massage or full service. Remembering the grandmas from last time I decide to minimise financial risk and opt for 45 minutes massage + HJ. I'm led through to a smallish room with massage table in the middle.

    While stripping down to my birthday suit I notice that there is an feeling of restrained elegance to the place now. Some of the furnishings seem vaguely familiar from last time but it feels fresh and clean now rather than run down and grotty like before. New management have put in a big effort!

    I need not have worried about grandmas either. A knock on the good and in comes my masseuse, a lovely slim young Thai girl with a great set of sexy long legs who's name I discover is Kitty . I've taken Kitty's photo below off their website. Certainly looks all the other girls photos are real too - I recognise the style of the rooms they are taken in in the background!


    Kitty asks if I want soft medium or hard. I choose medium. Kitty's massage is very good, at least as good as you'd get in a legit Thai massage shop - it feels great. After half an hour or so Kitty's massage turns soft and sensual, rapidly focusing on my bum and balls. After successfully getting the blood drained well away from my brain, Kitty asks me to flip.

    Maybe due to the lack of blood supply to my brain, I negotiate to get Kitty nude plus extend to the full hour for another $40. Quite pleased with herself because of this, Kitty sexily does a little show while she peels herself out of her little dress and underwear before climbing up on the table with me. I can't help myself but stroke and caress her beautiful soft caramel skin and happily this is not met with any resistance (just the usual no touching between the legs rule). Kitty alternates between soft sensual massage strokes all over my front and light B2B style action, even teasing my cock between her cleavage a bit though her boobs aren't really big enough for proper spanish. Eventually she starts to softly stroke lil' Andy, making him leap with excitement each time.

    A small amount of oil is applied to lil' Andy and the HJ is commenced proper. Kitty's technique is good without being exceptional. While what she does feels good, as I'm quite difficult to make cum she needs some guidance in order to achieve a full release. It has been some time since I got a load off, so when I blow I spurt a huge load which goes all over the place - mostly on me, but some on her too, which she takes like a good sport. I'm quickly cleaned up with tissues before being offered a shower.

    A quick check that the coast is clear and I'm led down the hall to another room with both massage table and bed plus a shower (guess it's a FS room). Kitty goes to shower and freshen up as well (idea for next time - try for shared shower )

    Showered and dressed I am met by Mamasan again checking if everything was okay - sure was! She tells me that there are different dedicated massage and FS girls, and that the massage girls are only there during the day until 8 o'clock. I'm led back out through the laundry and slip out in to the evening like a regular joe

    WIR? Yep

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    Person's Name : Anna

    Establishment : Hornsby 280

    Date of Visit : mid November, 15th or 16th?

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : Anna | Hornsby 280

    Phone : 0423007889

    Hours of Business : Website says 24/7

    Rates : $125/hr

    Age : mid 20s maybe?

    Size/shape : curvy, little tummy but certainly wouldn't call her fat, lovely big tits, long dark hair

    Nationality or Ethnicity : thai

    Services Provided : massage, B2B, bodyslide, HJ, cum on tits

    Value for money/recommend? : Yes, with a caveat

    My experience/comments :

    I ended up on a job in Hornsby on this day and decided to go looking for a punt... I usually do when I'm on the north side, I live on the south side so when I'm up north I feel a bit more anonymous and less worried about being spotted. I did some searching on here and found this place which only had the one review above, and since I like to try new things I had a flick through the website. Came across Anna's photos and decided she was the one so I called to book an appointment for when I knocked off.

    Found the 'discreet side entrance' which in reality is just another front entrance on the same road, but without the obvious brothel signwriting. No doubt the shops either side know what it is but that's nothing for me to worry about.

    I head up the stairs and ring the bell, the door is opened and I let the lady know I've booked Anna. She leads me to a room, on the way asks "how long, full service or massage?" I tell her massage, she takes $125, and I wander into the room. Nice setup - shower, bed, and massage table. Kind of thinking about upgrading to FS but decide to stick with my massage. I undress and hop on the table, and Anna walks in a couple of minutes later. I turn my head for a quick look and she's quite nice, ample breasts as per the photos and a nice curvy bum. She's a little bigger than she looks in the photos (the one of her lying back with a super flat stomach is a little misleading) but I wouldn't go as far as to say she's fat.. just a little thicker than your average asian WL.

    She undresses right from the start (a welcome surprise) and starts a massage which is pretty good BUT there's a downside (maybe the only one during the session).... she's got her phone with her, and every now and then she goes one-handed to write a text message. She'll pick the phone up, write a text while massaging one-handed, then drop the phone down onto the table. While she's massaging one-handed she's obviously in deep thought about her text because her massage goes from feeling great to being a soft rub with the one hand... it's a little off-putting and I find it a bit annoying. The massage itself ended up being pretty good, but would have been better had I had her full attention. After a while though she starts to slowly lean further into the massage to rub her nipples on my back/legs while she's massaging, then she starts to massage the inside of my thighs (a spot that really gets me racing) and brushing my balls. We have a giggle together and she works her way up onto the table, kneeling in between my legs, making a fairly seamless transition from back massage to B2B. I've had a couple of B2B encounters in the past but usually they're on the front, having her soft and ample tits rubbing over my back and neck was great.

    She asks me to turn over and by this time I'm rock solid, she giggles a bit again and hops up onto the table for a front B2B then starts on a HJ. I have to slow her down a bit as I'm pretty worked up, but she does a good job of stretching it out and after a good five or ten mins she starts speeding up and says 'cum on my tits' .... she definitely doesn't have to ask me twice! She points my cock towards her cleavage and I unload all over her, she keeps pulling gently to get it all out and heads off to the shower to clean up while I sink back into the table and nearly fall asleep. She finishes me up with a bit of a head massage then I have a shower, get dressed, and head off.

    It was a great session with a very sexy girl, the only downside was the time she put into her phone but overall I enjoyed it so I think I'll go back to see her next time I'm up there, maybe even go 1.5hr massage/FS

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    Thumbs up Kitty @ Hornsby 280

    Person's Name : Kitty

    Establishment : Hornsby 280

    Date of Visit : 15/01/2019

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : Best Hornsby Brothel & Erotic nude Massage | Hornsby 280

    Phone : 0423 007 889

    Hours of Business : FS girls 24/7 ML 10 AM – 8 PM

    Rates : $110

    Age : 25

    Size/shape : Small / 8

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Thai

    Services Provided : HJ Massage

    Value for money/recommend? : Y/Y

    My experience/comments :

    First time at this place. I dropped in without an appointment, and most of the girls were busy. I was asked whether I wanted to wait (about 45 minutes) or have the massage started by the owner, with one of the girls coming in when she was free. I agreed to this and the massage began. It was a good massage for a FS place.

    Kitty came in and replaced the owner about 30 minutes in, got nude and began the HJ. She was gorgeous, and while she got nice and close, she didn't offer DATY. I'd like to go back for a full session with her at some point.

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    Person's Name : Cherry

    Establishment : Hornsby 280

    Date of Visit : March 19

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : Best Hornsby Brothel & Erotic nude Massage | Hornsby 280

    Phone :0423007889

    Hours of Business : FS girls 24/7 ML 10 AM – 8 PM

    Rates : Nude Massage $125

    Age : Early 20''s

    Size/shape : Slim, petite, B-Cups? (I'm crap at guessing breast sizes)

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Vietnamese (says Malaysian on website)

    Services Provided : Nude R&T

    Value for money/recommend? : Yes

    My experience/comments :

    After the recent introduction of Hornsby 280 to this forum, I thought I would try them out. To be honest, I did not know of its existence having only tried the other side of Hornsby (142) previously.

    I see what people mean by the front entrance being quite overt! The walk of shame into a brothel is always a tense experience, and this one being on a busy street with lots of car, bus and pedestrian traffic is worse than most. Having to walk into a and climb the stairs of a bright pink entryway takes some doing. I know that there is another entrance, but I just gutted it out and went through the front door.

    I rang the doorbell and went in. They took me to a side room where the girls came in one at a time to introduce themselves. Cherry was the pick of the bunch. I paid the mamasan for the hour.

    Cherry is quite pretty and petite with a great slim, toned, body. I will say that the pictures on the website do appear to be of her. Her English is quite good and it turns out that she is from Vietnam, rather than the Malaysia it says on the website. Her massage skills (to me) are quite good. She seems to know what she is doing there. The first 45 minutes was quite enjoyable.

    Then it was time to turn over. Cherry took her clothes off revealing just how petite and cute a package she was. She stood beside me and started stroking me. My hands roamed all over her body, which I just couldn't get enough of. I was alternating between cupping and squeezing her firm ass, rubbing her breasts and nipples and then in between her legs. She permitted me sucking and licking her breasts as well as my gentle and slow stroking of her pussy. Meanwhile, she kept the pressure on junior, applying some oil. She started off just gently stroking him, and as things progressed, started stroking harder and faster. I was rubbing her pussy at the same pace as she was stroking me, and her wetness, and the thoughts that went with it, made me soon come. I would have love to have FS with this beautiful gem however sadly that is not on offer.

    Afterwards, she cleaned me up with wet wipes and tissues. She's definitely a young, sweet cutie. I will be back, schedule permitting. Definitely would recommend.

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    Person's Name : Susan

    Establishment : Hornsby 280

    Date of Visit : 2 May 2019

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : https://hornsby280.com.au/

    Phone : 0423007889

    Hours of Business : Website says 24/7

    Rates : $90/30min

    Age : 30's

    Size/shape : Short, curvy, fair bit of padding on the torso, lovely big tits, long hair, pretty face

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

    Services Provided : massage, B2B, bodyslide, HJ, FS

    Value for money/recommend? : So so

    My experience/comments :

    Popped in to see Susan this afternoon due to web site photo, only took the 30 minute option as she is not what you expect from the photo
    Her English is limited, she does not kiss, fairly mechanical but gets the job done
    The BJ was average, the sex was mechanical, a lot of clock watching

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    Person's Name : Judy/Trudy

    Establishment : Hornsby 280

    Date of Visit : 18/6/2019

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : https://hornsby280.com.au/

    Phone : 0423007889

    Hours of Business : OAH I guess.

    Rates : $80/30min Nude massage and HJ

    Age : 20s

    Size/shape : Slim probably 8/10 not short neither tall

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

    Was in Hornsby getting car fixed so had few hours to spare, was walking around the shops and decided to cross the station bridge to the seedy part of Hornsby. There seemed to be 3 shops in the one street, only had $80 cash and thought for RnT should be enough. Was unsure which to try but 280 was screaming seedy, upon entry realised more of a brothel. Trudy/Judy I’m unsure but definitely sounded ‘udy but she has no English showed me into a dark room with a big bed, looked at the the menu and FS was $90 and massage $80. I really only want a RnT and had the $80 so wasn’t worth haggling and asked for the massage and she showed me to the room pictured above. At least she got nude from the start and looked ok with a hairy muff, slimish and not to bad looking then proceeded to give me a ridiculously poor massage...honestly I have had a better massage falling through a hedge backwards. Then when I head was down the door opened and I heard older mamasan come in and chat in Chinese, next heard 3rd voice in the room then another pair of hands giving me a good massage, looked up and slightly older lady with bigger tits massaging me and smiling, I was like ok this is better but fucking weird then Trudy/Judy came back and continued massage which was pretty uneventful and rather boring until the flip then she milked me well while I finger blasted her hairy cunt, afterwards when I left I enjoyed the sniff which was strong but not too smelly. Really for value I wish I went FS as had better HJ elsewhere for same money, wouldn’t return here.

    Next time might try the Thai place across the road

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    Person's Name : Kiki

    Establishment : Hornsby 280

    Date of Visit : 16 July 2019

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : 280hornsby.com.au

    Phone : 0423007889

    Hours of Business : possibly 24hr, best to call first

    Rates : $80 30 minute nude B2B massage and hand job

    Age : 32

    Size/shape : cute Asian woman, maybe a size 10 dress size, stocky but not fat, nice feeling c cup boobs, fantastic thick nipples, some old small surgery scars on her stomach.

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

    Services Provided: Nude B2B massage and hand job.

    Value for money/recommend? : yes

    My experience/comments :

    Clean shop

    This shop is set up for full service so asking for a massage and tug was a bit awkward.
    I was introduced to a new worker who agreed to the task.
    Kiki looked very sexy in a black fishnet dress and heals showing nice deep cleavage.

    I followed her to the room looking at her nice bum in a black g string.
    Into the room, quick shower to freshen up and onto the bed.

    Kiki removed her clothes slowly giving me a great show as she pulled on my dick.
    Massage was minimal, mainly Kiki rubbing her boobs all over me and pulling me to completion.

    Quick shower, dressed and on my way a lot lighter.

    She tried to make me shoot twice without success.

    She seemed new to the industry and a bit shy.

    Would definitely go back to see her again.

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