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Thread: Lisa at 280 - great session with an old favourite

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    Default Lisa at 280 - great session with an old favourite

    Person's Name : Lisa

    Establishment : 280 Hornsby

    Date of Visit : 15/9/19

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : Don't bother with the website - pure fiction

    Phone : 0423 007889

    Hours of Business : 24/7

    Rates : $90/30, $120/45, 150/60

    Age : 40 something

    Size/shape : Pretty face, petite figure, B-cups, fully and freshly shaved

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Taiwanese

    Services Provided : DFKing, BBBJ, 69, DATY, cow-girl, mish, CIM

    Value for money/recommend? : Yes - definitely with this girl but the jury is still out regarding the shop as a whole

    My experience/comments : In spite of my recent post about this shop needing to get its act together (and I still hold this view) I decided to pay it a first visit.

    The main entrance is painted bright pink and has the “Massage” signs and obligatory flashing “Open” sign so it just screams brothel.

    I wasn’t going to use that entrance as I live about 10 minutes away and it was lunchtime on a warm and sunny Sunday spring day with all the tables on the pavement outside the adjacent café occupied and there were load of people wandering around in the sunshine.

    Fortunately there is a more discrete entrance about 10m down the road which just says 272A next to it (as pictured on the website). So I put on my cap, sunnies and false beard and used that entrance.

    Up the stairs and was greeted my some bloke who said there was one girl available (the other girl was occupied) and he knocked on the door next to the top of the stairs. He had to knock several times and it sounded like the girl, whose name was Lisa, had been woken up.

    When she eventually opened the door I checked she did “Suck no condom” and paid for 45min.

    The room was a reasonable size and seemed clean but it very cluttered, looking like it was used to store surplus furniture, old washing machines etc.

    As I was undressing I asked where she was from and she said Kaohsiung in southern Taiwan so I told her I’d been there and quickly showed her a couple of photos on my phone.

    I quickly showered and lay on the bed and Lisa fiddled around a bit and cleaned her teeth before stripping and joining me on the bed.

    She has a reasonably pretty face and a petite figure with OK B-cups and was fully and freshly shaved.

    Lisa applied some lube and gave me an excellent HJ while licking my balls and perineum.

    She then worked her way up my shaft to start a very good BBBJ – no teeth, lovely eye-contact, no interruptions and good hand-work.

    After a while she moved up and we had some DFKing before she moved back down to suck me some more while lying beside me.

    I suggested some 69 and she kept sucking me before saying “I clean my pussy for you” and quickly nipping into the shower.

    Back on the bed and she straddled me and I gently started licking her. Lisa was soon saying “Very good. You lick good” etc

    She moved away and said she wanted to fuck but I got her to lie down for some DATY.

    I went to insert a finger but she asked me not to so I just licked her and she grabbed my hands and placed them on her tits and she seemed to enjoy it while I lightly played with her nipples.

    Lisa was soon imploring me to fuck her but I briefly knelt by her head for her to suck me some more.

    She then told me to lie down and as she dressed me I asked whether I could later cum in her mouth and she said I could.

    Some lube was applied and we started with some cowgirl, some of the time with Lisa lying flat on top of me grinding her clit down on me.

    Lisa asked me to fuck her but she said I was too big for doggie so we moved to the mish.

    She put a pillow under her arse and guided me in, asking me to put my legs outside hers. Usually a girl does this to restrict access but with Lisa it was soon apparent that she knows what she likes and how she likes it.

    I went gently at first and we had more DFKing.

    Lisa was then asking me to change my position and move further up. This was clearly what she wanted and it meant I was grinding down on her clit and she was soon saying “I’m cumming, I’m cumming” followed by a “Thank you”.

    I withdrew and laydown and she removed the condom and applied some lube and knelt between my legs to suck me again.

    After some more BJ she was tossing me off against her tongue. I made it clear when I was about to cum and at first I thought she was going to pull her head away but she went back to sucking me and kept going, draining me dry for a good while after I’d squirted.

    She nipped into the shower for a spit and a wash before joining me on the bed for a chat.

    I asked her how long she’d been in Australia and she asked me to guess. I randomly said two years and she said longer than that.

    Lisa said she works at 280 on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays and didn’t work anywhere else.

    We talked about other shops and when I mentioned 533 Lisa said she used to work there and then the penny dropped and I said “Gigi”. I saw her twice at 533, in April ’16 and Feb ’17, having great sessions with her.

    When I got home I checked my notes of my earlier sessions with her and saw that we’d had some tromboning before – I wish I’d known that beforehand so I could have had more of the same.

    We were now well over time so I took a quick shower, dressed and, putting my false beard back on, departed.

    It was a great session but, as I said earlier, the shop needs to get its act together – today’s roster on the website lists 11 girls working today but there were only two when I was there. Lisa is on the roster but the other girl, Jojo, isn’t.

    Also, they have four girls called Lisa in their gallery but none of the photos is of this Lisa.

    And the prices on the website are different from those listed in the shop, although the prices listed in the shop are lower than on the website but there is no mention of “including BBBJ” which it says on the website.

    PS – I didn’t really wear a false beard.

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    You probably walked past me at Brew. Punting close to home can heighten the thrill. Hopefully the room you were in didn’t have the Chalk mark of the recently departed. I was hoping it was the Lisa of 142 who had resurfaced but this Lass sounds delightful.

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