Person's Name : Vanessa

Establishment : Sydney Babe Massage

Date of Visit : June 19

Contact Details/Address/Weblink : 18 Hargrave St, Darlinghurst
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Wechat ID:hargrave18

Phone : 0426 702 868 or 0426 702 878

Hours of Business : 10am - 8pm

Rates : Full Body Massage

30min $40
45min $60
1hr $70

Remedial & Body Nude Massage

30min $90
45min $110
60min $120

Double Nude Body Massage

30min $180
45min $220
60min $240

Age : 28-30

Size/shape : Slim Athletic

Nationality or Ethnicity : Thai

Services Provided : RnT

Value for money/recommend? : Yes for me

My experience/comments : (Please put some effort into this part for all of our readers, a minimum requirement of 25 words or more to get a picture of time spent and experience had.)

Having a look at Sydney Babe Massage website I liked the look of Vanessa.Compact petite tanned typical Thai look and I was hoping it wasn't a photo shot.

I book an appointment waited in the small cubicle for 5 minutes till Vanessa came to escort me. When she pulled the curtain I went WOW what a sexy little thing she is. Extremely attractive pretty smashing body.

I am not to sure if the photo is really her but its damn close to it.

I lie on my stomach and she starts the oils massage. Speaks good English and she was sweet nice genuine girl that's the impression I got.

After back massage she poured more oil between my bum crack and started to massage my balls and even slipped her hand from the side to grab my hard cock. Continued this massage for 5 minutes. Nothing better than an attractive girl masterbating your cock.

Turn over please which I did with a hard on and she continued her massage with my cock and balls. She changed various position with her body so i can see in the side mirror what she had for breakfast very sexy indeed.

Eventually I exploded.

To sum up I would see Vanessa again and again just because she is sexy to me. I have had better erotic massages she probably wouldn't be in my top 10 but their is something about her.

She did not offer extras or ask me if I want extras and I didn't ask either so I cannot vouch if she does or not.