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    Default Wynyard Blossom - 3A/ 5 Hunter Street

    Person's Name : Baby

    Establishment : Wynyard Blossom

    Date of Visit : February 2019

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : massagecity.com.au

    Phone :

    Hours of Business : 10-8 / 7 Days

    Rates : 45/65/80 + usual extras; note on some days they just offer the 'gold pricing' inclusive of NHJ

    Age : 20s

    Size/shape : Thin and small

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Taiwanese

    Services Provided : NHJ

    Value for money/recommend? : Yes

    My experience/comments : (Please put some effort into this part for all of our readers, a minimum requirement of 25 words or more to get a picture of time spent and experience had.)

    Found myself in the city for work near Wynyard so thought I'd check out a new massage centre being advertised online.

    After a bit of difficulty found my way in the entrance - it's actually next door to a mostly legit thai massage parlour. Anyway, there are lots of city workers around and due to building, lots of hi-vis about too, so I just strode up opened the door an walked in.

    On this visit (another review to follow later) there was a young papasan up the front who charged me 95 for the half hour inclusive and showed me to a room. A moment later, in walked "Baby" a Taiwanese beauty - petite and stunning. She had long dark hair and B cups. All the MLs are dressed in sexy airline hostess type outfits from the 70s - think blouses one size too small making even the a-cups look busty, short skirts and sexy heels.

    I asked for nude straight out and she obliged. She had a light massage and started straight in on tickle tackle. Then she hopped up on the bed and sat with her back to me and played with me with her hands behind her back. Seeing this happen in the mirror was a mad turn on. Her English was very good so we had a good chat.

    A quick note on the room - very tidy and clean given it's a newish establishment, including in room basin. No showers available as the washing machine is in it currently!

    After a few changes of position and a decent attempt at Spanish with her b-cups, she brought the massage to a hedonistic conclusion. No other extras on offer.

    This place is good and if you can get past it's relatively high level of exposure (lucky I don't work on the city much) you will have some fun. Saw a couple of other MLs on the way out - mixed bunch but mostly on the thin / small side of life. 2 other customers were in when i was there I could hear some massage action happening.

    WIR - Yep; stayed tuned for second review.

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    Person's Name : Emma

    Establishment : Wynyard Blossom

    Date of Visit : April 2019

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : As above

    Phone : As above

    Hours of Business : 10-8

    Rates : 115 for 45mins NHE

    Age : late 20s

    Size/shape : petite

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Taiwan

    Services Provided : NHJ

    Value for money/recommend? : Yes

    My experience/comments : (Please put some effort into this part for all of our readers, a minimum requirement of 25 words or more to get a picture of time spent and experience had.)

    Found myself working in the northern end of the city but completed the job and found myself wandering about ready to get the train home. Walked past Hunter Street and thought why not - i had a couple of hours before I was due home.

    Called in to see if any availability and two girls were available - Emma and Jo. Chose Emma - a petite late 20s/early 30s. Into the room and asked her take off the "uniform" everyone wears here straight away. This revealed an epic set of breasts - natural and little sagged - almost like she had led weights under her nipples as they had a slightly hard feel! Nonetheless nice!

    Went straight to part two on this occasion. She hopped up on the bed and gave me a slow and sensual body rub first and then a slow and sensual tug.

    Hopped off for a while and gave her a massage to slow things down. She seemed to enjoy so spent 15 mins rubbing her body lightly but refrained from exploring her body too much - just a nice massage. I could see the mamasan walk past the tinted door a couple of times so eventually laid down with Emma sitting at the end of the bed to take the massage to a climax.

    Overall a fun massage with good communication and sexy touches. WIR for Emma - yes. This was a Wednesday but she said she's only working there occasionally on weekends from now on due to study.

    3 guys were waiting as a i walked out so this place seems to be getting busy...

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    Person's Name : Rita

    Establishment : Wynyard Blossom

    Date of Visit : April 2019

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : Shop 3A, 5 Hunter St, Wynyard | Wynyard Blossom massage

    Phone : 0452 076 378

    Hours of Business : 10am - 8pm

    Rates : 75 for 1 hour

    Age : late 20's?

    Size/shape : tall, toned and slim, dark tanned skin. C cups? Very pretty with model features in that sharp angled manner of European models.

    Nationality or Ethnicity : mixed - Phillipino/Thai

    Services Provided : NHJ

    Value for money/recommend? : Yes

    I decided to try Wynyard Blossom for the first time. I have to admit that walking in was a bit daunting as they are right outside Hunter Connection in the city. Gets the heart pounding a bit, but all of that goes away as soon as you walk in as the thought of what is to come kicks in (or you could say that the blood starts going to a certain part of the body!).

    First impressions of the inside is that it felt like a Doctor's surgery. Reception at front with brightly lit fluorescent lighting. Corridor going back with doors on each side. You could easily be forgiven for having second thoughts walking in, if you didn't know what kind of place it was already!

    Reception asked how long I wanted the massage for. Not having seen the girls yet, and not wanting to lock myself in, I replied "I don't know yet, can I see the girls first?". She responded with "you decide how long first and pay first and if you don't like I will give you your money". Fair enough. I paid for the hour.

    I was taken to one of the rooms and was presented with two girls. The first wasn't for me, however Rita walked in second. Rita looked spectacular in her Air Stewardess costume. Tight white shirt stretched across her medium sized breasts, with a tight blue mini skirt wrapped around her cute tight butt. She is tall, with dark tanned skin and sharp model like features.

    Her English is excellent and she was very easy to talk to. To be honest, I can't remember if her massage was any good as it was several weeks ago, so I will move onto stage 2.

    Her body is spectacular - and is just as tight and toned as you imagined it would be. I sat up at the beginning of Stage 2 so I could kiss around her neck, ears and down onto her breasts all whilst my hands were roaming around her beautiful tight butt. I lay down and she started working her magic. She gripped my cock and slowly worked it up and down. I had one hand on her breasts and another lightly rubbing her pussy. She finished me off by leaning down and breathing and moaning lightly into my ear. Just feeling her warm body next to me, smelling her perfume and hearing her lightly moan (nothing over the top) sent me over the edge.

    Would definitely recommend.

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