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    Person's Name : Cindy

    Establishment : 190 Blaxland Rd

    Date of Visit : July 2019

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : 190 Blaxland Rd Top Ryde

    Phone :0452 663 190

    Hours of Business : 10am-8pm

    Rates : 40/30mins

    Age : early 20ís

    Size/shape : size 6, 5í3Ē, d cup enhanced, very toned, wonderful shape, beautiful face
    Nationality or Ethnicity : Thai

    Services Provided : Massage, Massage+ HE

    Value for money/recommend? : absolutely

    I dropped in without a booking and was asked by the receptionist how long. When I replied 30 minutes, she asked for the money. I asked to see the girls first. Iím glad I did as I donít think Iíd have been given any choice otherwise. Begrudgingly, she complied, and a number of girls said a brief hello from the other side of the room. All were early 20s with a couple of fairly pretty and several hot girls. Cindy stood out for me.
    In the room, which is a tiny cubicle with a sliding door only barely big enough for a massage table, I got undressed, during which time Cindy joined me. I gave her a pineapple and she thanked me.
    The first part of the massage was therapeutic and a pleasant back rub, although there was no hint of objection when I touched her shapely thighs while she rubbed me. The next 10-15 mins were spent on my back, before she started a slow sensual touch with her fingers up and down my legs.
    On the flip, she undressed and wow, what a body. Size 6 with d cup boobs that Iíll bet the surgeon uses to advertise their services. Impossibly firm and perfectly shaped, with a size that you arenít likely to find naturally on such a petite frame. The rest of her body was possibly even better and I canít think of how I could criticise any part of her. Everything was on show and she positioned herself to give me an amazing view while she started to give some attention to areas that were responding to her.
    Cindy has an amazing touch and she completely controlled me to the desired result.
    Sheís also a really lovely person, only in Australia for six months so far and studying. Her English is far better than most in similar circumstances.
    I left on a high and canít wait to try her again. I think she only works Saturdays though.

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    Hi dear
    Thank you for the review. Cindy works every Monday and Saturday. she is very lovely girl. we have 50+girls every week can always come to try nice new girls

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