Person's Name : Susan

Establishment : 48 Angels Massage

Date of Visit : July 2019

Contact Details/Address/Weblink : 48 Kellett Street, Potts Point NSW 2011

Phone : (02) 8957 8094/0424 593 128

Hours of Business : 10am daily till late

Rates : $90 for 30 min plus a little bit of more extras

all inclusive nude massage with HJ: 30 min/$90, 45/$110, 60/$130

Full Service: before 8pm: 30/$100, 45/$130, 60/$150, after 8pm:
30/$120, 45/$150, 60/$180

Age : Late 30s

Size/shape : curvy Asian MILF, all natural D Cup

Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

Services Provided : sensual touching, NHJ, some BBBJ - freebie !! (read on!)

Value for money/recommend? : OK for a quickie - at the right place at the right time

My experience/comments :

Another office lunch at the Darlinghurst Road area - don't ask, arranged by others, end up at the Bourbons which is actually very good, I thought it was like a pub food, surprisingly it's open kitchen and almost fine dining - $15 for a lunch time special romp steak perfectly cooked - and a few very hot Thai girls serving, that was like sitting in a RnT shop and seeing some busty Thai MLs walking around serving other guys, what the, I knew right away I need a happy ending somewhere ! try that 36 Darlinghurst Road again ? yeah, why not ?

As the back entrance was not working last time so I worked up the courage to use the front door, at least this time the co-workers can't see as we were sitting deep inside the Bourbon. Damn, the front door of 36 is right next door to a cafe and who the F is that Chinese lady from the cafe sitting outside the cafe which is 2 metres from the front door of 36, and she was stairring at me as I walked pass, I just can't make myself to push that 36 door.

So I walked pass it and made a U turn at the TAB and then walked around the block and heading towards 48 Kellett, via the back alley in Kellett lane this time. I think I had been to this shop long time ago, never mind, the good thing about this place is that it's duel play shop with both FS and RnT so I can choose.

Big sign 48 in the lane way and press the buzzer, the receptionist let me in and walked pass some washing and a wall of towels on shelvings. She lead me all the way to the front of the townhouse in the big waiting room, and asked how long I want to stay (without asking if I want FS or massage ?), there is this biggest sign of price list on the wall showing the nude massage prices, double massage prices and FS prices before 8pm and after 8pm. very clear I must say, so I said I only want massage. She said, only chinese girls available, I said can I met the ladies - all in mandarins.

And then I can hear that she was talking to other girls: there is an old at the front only want shoot the air plane !!

Then a MILF came in, average looking, typical chinese MILF, 30's and wearing low cut singlet dress showing lots of cleavage - Spanish ! tick, she actually has a tatt on her left breast which reminded me of the mamasan Coco down at 485 Parra, should I do FS with her, not really in the mood to fuck a pussy, just fuck those tits will do me I think to myself - it is worth noting that at this point in time during the day, it's actually better value to do FS as it is only $10 more, after 8pm, it's $30 more, so each to his own.

She didn't tell me her name just say very nice to meet in England and try to hold my hand and lead me out - not so fast, I said in Mandarin, can I meet the other girls too ?

she walked away slightly disappointed and a moment later another MILF came in, this one is a touch younger, slimmer and perhaps a b cup, OK, the first one is bigger - decision made. The receptionist came back and said those are the two girls available, I said I will see the first one, how long, 30 min, FS or massage, massage, $90, paid her and she said wait a minute.

then the busty milf returned and lead me to the room upstairs, I think it's room 3 ?

very large room with a double bed against the wall and a massage table on the other side, a very large whole wall mirror servicing both the table and the bed, then there is the huge shower area which is the size of half the room. the size of it, it is big enough to put down the wet mattress and provide nuru soapland services ..................may be ?

It was a cold day so no plan of showering. the girl actually told me it's her first day so she doesn't know where everything is, I asked what's your name, it's my first day I haven't got a name yet, you can call me Susan, handsome brother ! there is a heater on the bedside table so I turned it on to warm up the room.

while I was getting undressed, Susan went outside to do whatever she needs to do and came back with one of those ML/WL magic bag

The table didn't have one of those disposable table cover on it but with a towel, and two more towels rolled, and no pillow, so I took the pillow from the bed, place a fresh towel over it and another towel on the table then lay there face up.

Susan put her cold hand on me and said, dear, you want soft massage or hard massage, I said just soft massage for relaxing. so she start to give me some tickishing massage, touch between my legs and slowly warm me up and get me hard, her fingers find their way underneath my butt and started gave me some rimming, I raise up a bit to give her more access, then Susan said you like this ? it feels good right, I will make you feel good, let's use some oil it feels better, so oil was introduced, now I must say Susan wasn't really giving me the full on P massage and no insertion as I'm not really into that but always love a bit of rimming.

Then out of the blue, Susan said, would you like some blow job ?

Is it free ?

haha, of course not free, $20 ok

(I thought, you are kidding me, FS is only $100 vs $90 massage, and you do BJ in FS any way, so no way) if it is not free then never mind.

OK, it's my day, so I give you free blow ok, so you come back to see me again ?

As she finished her sentence, she started to lick my balls !!

Wow, her tongue is so warm and it feels really great with a hot tongue licking my balls, who won't like that right ?

she licks the right ball, then the left ball, then the head, then circling the head, then the helmet is inside her hot wet mouth, it was a really nice blow job !!

and I thought, OK, your service is pretty good, may be I will actually see you again, while I was enjoy her complimentary BBBJ, her hand is continuing in carassing my balls and the other hand continuing rimming me - This is a three way attack on my defense and my defense sucks !!

That's too much pleasure at the one time that this old man wasn't quite prepared for so before I knew I'm feeling the urge of cumming and pretty sure a touch of pre-cum would have leaked.................

My mind was running hundred miles an hour, should I keep face fuck her and do a CIM ?? that would be nice, even if I have to tip more. But I haven't asked, may be it's not on and I didn't want her to let go or pull out and ruin my happy ending. What about the Spanish tits fuck that I am here for, I haven't even play with her tits yet ? All this in just a spit second,

And I think my next move was just a reflex action, I sat up, grabbing Susan's tits and tried to pull Susan towards me and lower them down to my cock for my titty fuck, but it just wasn't quite right as my cock wasn't oily enough, I couldn't pull Susan's tits close enough for me to fuck and I knew I have reached the point of no return and just have to go with the flow instead of interrupting...................

So Susan continued jerking me while my hands are holding her tits and I fucked her hand a bite more and shoot out a big load landed on my chest. Susan is very experienced and continued to tug slowly and gently while commenting that I cum so much and shoot so far...................

OK, all done and no more to shoot, she got up and tissue clean me, I lay on the table resting, then Susan put her undies back on and asked if I like more massage, I look at the clock it's only 15 min, it was indeed a very quickie, what can I say, her BBBJ + HJ + rimming was too hard to handle, may be I need to see her for a round two and a proper titty fuck.

See you soon Susan !!

Very happy, and thanks for the freebie Blow !!