Person's Name : Lacey

Establishment : 48 Angels

Date of Visit : October 2019

Contact Details/Address/Weblink : 48 Kellett St, Potts Point NSW /

Phone : 0424 593 128

Hours of Business : 12pm to late

Rates : $160 30 mins, $230 45 mins, $260 60 mins

Age : 30-ish plus or minus

Size/shape : Athletic, A cup

Nationality or Ethnicity : Australian

Services Provided : CBJ, DATY, DFK, FS

Value for money/recommend? : Yes

My experience/comments :

Comms via text were good from the get go; responses to questions around availability were quick and polite and and in no time I was booked in for a 30 minute session with Lacey.

The back entrance in the lane way is easy enough to distinguish (the Blow 'n Go poster on the door gives it away) and after buzzing there's a short wait before the back door is opened by the mamasan. As we walked through the back courtyard and into the townhouse she confirmed the booking arrangements and took receipt of my money in the foyer at the base of the stairs.

Finances out of the way, I was shown up the narrow stairs and into a huge room at the end of the hall with both a massage table and low king bed as well as a large open double shower. The mamasan walked around and turned on the portable disco lights and I was asked to disrobe and have a shower and assured Lacey would be along shortly.

The water took a long time to heat up and the cold water had me in and out in no time.

A bit of a wait in the room and Lacey finally arrived in a bit of a hurry. She is of average height with long, dark brown curly/wavy hair. Hard bodied with flat A cups she obviously works out. Large-ish labia for the appreciators out there. I suspect she's a bit over the late twenties listed on her bio. Laughs easily and we seem to get along.

She does a health check before inviting me to lie on the bed. Lacey asks if I would like a massage but I opt to dive right in. And dive in we do. There's no foreplay. A condom is unwrapped, she kneels next to me and the covered blow job begins. Its done with gusto and there lots of attempted DT. Its quality and I'm enjoying it. I reach around and start playing with her pussy.

As much as I'm enjoying the CBJ, I suggest we start the next phase. She grabs some lube, applies some to her pussy and my dick and assumes the position for missionary. I enter her and start thrusting away. There's FOAM but its not getting me there so I withdraw and go down on her, slipping a finger inside. This has a better effect and I'm rewarded with less obviously put on FOAM and shifting hips and legs. In the end, her feet are pressed into my shoulders and chest as I lap away.

We're running out of time so she returns the favour, re-erecting me with a blow job and then we start fucking in cowgirl. She starts off on her feet, squatting on my dick before shifting down to her knees to ride me. I ask about kissing and while there's some hesitation initially she relaxes into a DFK that is open mouth on open mouth. We flip into missionary and she spreads her legs wide while I hammer away and then its all over.

After I'm showered and dressed. Lacey shows me out, leading me back through the townhouse and opens the back door to the alleyway for me. I admire her arse in the dress on the way, receive a kiss and I'm gone.

The session exceeded my expectations. A solid experience.