Person's Name : Sofia

Establishment : 48 Angels

Date of Visit : February 2020

Contact Details/Address/Weblink : 48 Kellett St, Potts Point NSW /

Phone : 0424 593 128

Hours of Business : 24/7

Rates : $160 30 mins, $230 45 mins, $260 60 mins

Age : 30-ish plus or minus

Size/shape : Fit, C/D cup

Nationality or Ethnicity : Colombian

Services Provided : LFK, CBJ, DATY, FS, COB

Value for money/recommend? : Yes

My experience/comments :

If this was my first time at 48 Angels, after this Fawlty Towers experience I doubt I'd have been back.

This was a spur of the moment decision, and as in previous visits, comms and arranging the visit were on point and professional. And that's the highlight as far as dealing with the shop is concerned. On arrival at the back door at the appointed time, after buzzing I'm left to wait standing in the lane and am about to walk around to the front when I hear footsteps approach and I'm let in.

We pass Christina in the back courtyard sitting on the concrete in the dark. So far, so strange. I have to confirm a couple of times that I have a booking with Sofia for half an hour and once in the front room my money is taken and Sofia shows up to lead me upstairs.

Sofia is short and fit. Well kept longish blonde hair, nice round bolt ons and what I believe are butt implants. Shaved downstairs. Her profile photos are probably her. She looks quite elegant in her black silk robe and lingerie which she loses immediately once in the room.

I ask to use the shower and she accompanies me in though doesn't join me under the water and we chat while I wash. Her English is conversational but limited.

Once out I'm invited to join her on the bed, lie down and she grabs a tube of KY and starts to apply some to my semi-hard dick and then to her pussy. I'm a little concerned about where this is headed but she then tears open a condom and rolls it on, finishing the job with her mouth. The blow job is a bit mechanical and not doing much for me so I reach around to play with her pussy and find she is pretty slick, which isn't arousal but the sheer amount of KY she uses.

After a few minutes Sofia has obviously had enough so she moves into cowgirl and lowers herself on. Getting into the spirit of things and grinding away energetically. The rhythm is interrupted by someone trying the door and she hops off to investigate, calling out and whoever it is leaves. Sofia returns to the bed and lies down inviting me into missionary. I go down on her, ignoring the strong taste of KY and am rewarded with plenty of uttering in Spanish which is a bit of a turn on or would have been if it wasn't drowned out by one of the girls in the shop yelling abuse at Lacey about something.

Sofia pulls me up to fuck her and we go at it. She alternates between massaging her clit and putting her thumb in her mouth and turning her head to the side and brushing her hair over her face. I put her pedicured toes into my mouth and again we're interrupted by someone knocking on the door. Sofia gets up and its one of the girls wanting the air conditioner remote.

With an apology, we resume and I twist her around to doggy. As I'm enjoying pumping her in doggy she tells me I have three minutes left. Cue confusion as she thinks I've booked for twenty minutes and I assure her I have thirty minutes. So again, we stop as she uses the intercom to confirm the length of the booking.

Again we resume and again we're interrupted by a knock at the door and its FOH demanding $160. I point out I already paid, that its only been 20 minutes and that I've paid for 30 minutes. I'm asked that if I want to extend to the hour its another $160. I definitely do not want to extend the booking (which doesn't make a lot of financial sense given the published rates) and the door is closed and I'm finally allowed to get back to the business at hand.

Sofia doesn't need a good grasp of English to tell I'm fairly f$%ked off by this point and does her best to get things back on track, standing on the bed in front of me and indulging in some LFK and letting me explore her body. We fuck in missionary for a while and I withdraw, remove the condom and cum on her breasts which she admires across her chest.

She joins me in the shower and helps to wash me down. Once dressed we leave the room together and I see myself out the back.

Sofia herself is good. The shop experience, not so good.