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    Default Kelly at 6 poplar st, Surry Hills

    Person's Name : Kelly

    Establishment : 6 Surry Hills Massage

    Date of Visit : 6 June 2019

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

    Phone :

    Hours of Business : 0416 847 905

    Rates : 45 mins $60 + $50 tips

    Age : 26

    Size/shape : 8, c cups

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

    Services Provided : mind boggling teaser, b2b, NHJ

    Value for money/recommend? : Yes (high pitched)

    My experience/comments :
    Made a long trip to finally visit this place. I was quite impressed with the decor and the cleanliness of this establishment. On top of that I was greeted by the young friendly receptionist guy which set the good mood from the get go. 2 girls are available, my friend went in with Nicole and me with Kelly. They both are stunning with good young body and are in their early 20s. However Kelly stood out for me as she has a very cute face...her nose is slightly bent in a cute way. She is very friendly and have no trouble in communicating with me. I booked her for 45 mins due to her limited schedule and handed in the tip in advanced. She asked me to lay down but I told her that I wanted massage after the ritual. She smiled and kindly obliged to my request. Then she started to undress revealing a slim nice youth body. Her boobs are size c on the border to d with good size of round PINK nipples. Trimmed and neat down below. She jumped on the bed and started giving me cat bath on my back body while occasionally rubbed my nipples from the back. She did this for good 5 mins but it felt like forever....lots of soft kisses around my neck, ears and shoulder. Then she asked me to turn now my face has already red like boiled shrimps. What happened next was like a punishment to me. She sat on top of me and starting rubbing her kitty around my cock. No hand massage on my cock..figure that!!
    She also know how to express her self using her cute face in different kind of sexy expression. Non stop nipples licking and kissing....her face and my face keep tangling in the moment of heat....and lots of cheeks rubbing and kisses around the lips but never dfk. She allowed me to enjoy her body and freedom to explore her sweet little garden...however I Was kept busy by her action...its very little time for me to return the favour. She really does a great job and makes everything she does all that matter is you!
    All this never ending torture I had to endured it for good 15 mins. I finally gave up and had to beg her to start jerking me off. Even my cock was started to hang himself in desperation....After making some funny faces like a loser I am she finally had a pity on me. She positioned her self so we were facing each other and started to oil my lil Jonny and softly massaging the head. Now I am in the position to able touching her clit. She has the firmest pussy I ever plump with tiny dangling lips. We were playing with each other (didn't finger as I don't want to upset her) and her hand job skills were very good. She combined fast and slow movement with her other hand non stop rubbing my body. The poor thing had to work very hard in finishing fucking Jonny was so hopeless refusing to blow as its savouring the moment. So I gave her a little hand by jerking myself off and passed it to her when I almost close. She gave me a first class view of her kitty and when I about to blow I gave her a sign and quickly she took it over from me. I blew with such power, it fucking landed on my own face. She laughed so hard but her hand keep stroking my cock until all spent...that alone earned her extra points from me lol..
    we both laughed and she gave me a good wipes and a bit of facial!!
    Overall what an awesome day it has been....felt like we known each other for a while.
    i thanked her for this memorable day...when my day turned to shit I will definitely visit her again.
    oh by the way didn't get a chance to sample her massage!! WTF wrong with me!

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    Kelly on work today

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