Person's Name : Amy

Establishment : 18 Chard rd Brookvale

Date of Visit : 17/10/2020 at 1 am

Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

Phone :9939 5555

Hours of Business : She has just started today but will work 5 pm to 4 am every Friday and Saturday

Rates : $160 per hour

Age : Estimate 28

Size/shape : 163 cm reasonably good shape with some tummy, B cups natural with extended responsive nipples, strong firm legs

Nationality or Ethnicity : Shandong Province China

Services Provided : DFK with tongue throughout, shower experience (not pissing), shower suck, cock worship, catbath, BBBJ, cowgirl, side saddle for ages, missionary to completion and she had me very worked up, role play dirty talk involving me being the pussy police

Value for money/recommend? : Yes really nice person and very attentive and she loves sex and role play

My experience/comments : So the manager texted me saying he had a new girl approach him and needs some cash and wanted to meet guys and may as well get paid for it and has never done this before.

So I am thinking this is a good situation for me as I love seeing the new ones and giving them tips on certain things and they are always eager to learn as was the case here.

So into the room and we are kissing LFK and I said I am ok with DFK if you are and then it started and did not stop for the whole hour complete with tongue.

During the shower she was washing me and then gets down and is sucking me and it felt really good because she is already really horny and she is giving me cock worship.

The suck was a few moments and then up for DFK and then we dry and get to the bed because I want more of that sucking and then the dirty talk starts about how she gets turned on.

I have just arrested her for being a bad girl and now she needs to suck me and let me fuck her to get off lightly so I am the pussy police and she is giving me cock worship.

I am telling her what to do to make it satisfactory and I was pleased and she was worshiping my cock and licking balls and talking dirty because she is a bad girl.

Next she is giving me a pussy slide and leaning down kissing me and sucking my tongue and lips and then raises up and gets the dom on and some lube and slides on.

She is a tight fit and feels good and is right away very horny and kissing me and raises up and asks me to play with her nipples and is very worked up and moving slowly.

She was leaning down with the intensive kissing often and I had a few goes at fucking upwards but she did most of it but slowly and sensuously.

After ten minutes we changed to side saddle I just went slowly and she really loved this and was crying out and massaging balls and watching and talking dirty about how she wants to be my assistant and fuck me every day in my truck.

I was really enjoying this as it felt very good and I stayed like this for fifteen minutes with different angles and speeds and every five minutes she was jerking and vibrating as she came.

I then changed to missionary and started slowly with the the tongue kissing and holding her close and had spells of faster raised up sex and she would pull me down to DFK.

My tongue and lips were being sucked and she was urging me on to fuck her hard and I held her close and hammered that pussy and came while kissing and it was great.

She removed the dom and I got her to just lay there kissing for the last five minutes and she was very receptive to everything so its a good chance for you guys to show her the ropes.