May at 18 - very good session, lovely girl
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Thread: May at 18 - very good session, lovely girl

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    Default May at 18 - very good session, lovely girl

    Person's Name : May

    Establishment : 18 Brookvale

    Date of Visit : 8/10/19

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

    Phone : 9939 5555

    Hours of Business : 10 til late

    Rates : $150/hr

    Age : Late 30's?

    Size/shape : Pretty, slim, A-cups, nice bum, trimmed bush

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

    Services Provided : BBBJ, 69, FIV, cow-girl, doggie, FIA, mish

    Value for money/recommend? : Yes - May is sort of shy but it was a very good session

    My experience/comments : I’ve met May several times in reception as she seems to have the best English out of the Chinese girls working there so she helps out. She’s always friendly and cheerful, in a slightly shy sort of way, and attractive and well-presented with a slim figure, so I called Lily and booked her.

    Turned up and as always seems to be the case here, the girl was ready and waiting. In fact it was May who opened the door when I rang the bell.

    She led me down the corridor, and I said a quick hello to Bella on the way, and the fresh towels were collected and we went to the room.

    May was beautifully presented today. She was wearing a full length red, silky dress over a black bra and g-string.

    She stripped as I undressed. She is tallish and has a pretty enough face (marred slightly by some wonky teeth – but then mine are perfect either) and a good slim figure with A-cups and a nice bum. Her bush was closely trimmed.

    May asked whether I wanted her to join in the shower so I said “Yes” and she gave me a thorough washing in all the cracks and crevices and even down to the tops of my feet.

    Onto the bed and May knelt beside me and lightly ran her tongue over my torso before moving down to my groin.

    She then started sucking me.

    It was a good BBBJ – very slightly toothy but not uncomfortably so and there was the occasional tissue-break, but good hand- and tongue-action, lots of saliva and she tried to go deep but she is petite and only could manage just over halfway.

    I fingered her pussy, which was nicely moist, and then got her to move round for some 69.

    She either came or got close to cumming several times. Every few minutes she would stop sucking me and start panting and moaning and talking dirty and then she’d resume sucking me. And each time the moans were louder and more intense.

    I lightly fingered her arsehole and at one point stopped licking her and inserted a finger in her pussy and finger-fucked her for a while.

    She kept saying she was cumming.

    This went on for a good while and time was moving on so I got her to dismount and get a condom.

    As she dressed me I asked whether I could later cum in her mouth. She pulled a bit of a face but said “Yes, just for you” but she clearly wasn’t keen so I decided I probably wouldn’t.

    We started with some cow-girl which soon changed to some lovely Asian-style CG which was great.

    I then asked for some doggie and stood at the foot of the bed and she guided me back in.

    This too was great as May has a lovely shaped arse and she was getting quite loud and there was some more dirty talk. My thumb went half deep into her arsehole without complaint.

    I then got her to move to the mish and May made some lovely eye-contact and was urging me on so I just kept going until I squirted.

    May tidied me up and we had a chat.

    She works at 18 most days, but occasionally is asked to go to their sister shop in Lidcombe, and is from Nanjing, near Shanghai.

    I told her about my trips around China and she said I should come and her stay with her the next time she goes home on holiday “But no sex”. I said “No sex?” and she said her daughter would be there. I pulled a face and she said “OK, you stay hotel and lots of sex”.

    We were now over time and we showered and dressed.

    As May led me down the corridor Bella was just to the side putting on her make-up and we had another chat.

    I said that May was very good and she said that she knew as she has had doubles with her.

    Bella then said “Come here” (a request I’m never going to refuse from this lady) and she went to put some mascara on my eyelashes but I pulled away.

    I told her I’d see her soon and she suggested tomorrow. I have other plans for tomorrow but I will see her again soon.

    May opened the door for me to see me out. They do everything right at this shop.

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    May at 18 - probably the best fuck I have had for some time and there have been some rippers.

    Person's Name : May

    Establishment : 18 Brookvale

    Date of Visit : 14/10/19

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : Adult Services Manly & Northern Beaches | 18+ Adult Chard Road Brookvale | Call Out Girls Sydney

    Phone : 9939 5555

    Hours of Business : 10 til late

    Rates : $150/hr

    Age : Mid 30's

    Size/shape : Pretty, slim, A-cups, nice legs and bum, trimmed bush

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

    Services Provided : BBBJ, 69, rimming on her, DFK with tongue sucking, FIV, cow-girl, side saddle twice for a good while, missionary twice

    Value for money/recommend? : Yes - May is sort of shy (until she gets horny, then fuck me, so good)

    My experience/comments :May is like the sexy young mum bending over in skin tight jeans at the shops to get her kid out of the car so just imagine as she fits that image.

    Very nice tidy body and legs that are firm and smooth and her boobs are natural and very nice to suck on during cowgirl and she has a pretty face, so fuck yes very nice.

    May said she had heard about me from girls rumours and I said I hope its good and she said it was good and she was excited to see me so very good marketing on her part.

    She was receptive right from the start and there was light kissing and hugs straight off and she gets into the shower and adjusts the water temp and becons me in there with her and starts to wash me all over.

    After a thorough wash she gets on her knees and sucks my cock which is now full size from the soapland experience, you know arse cock and balls, and it felt fucking good with her going about half way but very soft and sexy with no teeth.

    The water was running on my back and I am thinking of the save water ads for about one second and then back to the sexy mouth around my cock and this went for five minutes and I am close to blowing my load.

    I pulled her up and spread her legs and licked and sucked on her sexy pussy and I am down there wasting water, but fuck it, as it was just too fucking sexy to stop the water and I then reached around and tongued her arse.

    May was getting pretty worked up right from the second I started on her pussy and then even more when I tongue fucked her arse so I need to get dry and get onto the bed for some serious action.

    We both quickly dried and onto the bed and I am getting sucked again by a very horny girl and after a few moments she moved around for some 69 and we were at this for nearly ten minutes during which I licked her arse a few times.

    May was sucking deeper now and had my balls in her mouth and wanked me and she was moaning and very horny and we then changed to cowgirl so on with the dom and she lowers onto me and her pussy is very nice.

    She was slowly fucking me and leaning down for DFK and after a few moments of this she arched up and rode me upright and I held her and fucked upwards rapidly and she was going right off crying out.

    We kept like this for a while and I nearly came a couple of times and then changed to side saddle and it was very good with her talking to me saying it felt really good and not to stop and massaging balls with lube.

    I kept like this for 20 minutes because the feeling was like no condom due to her pussy sucking my cock and constantly looking into my eyes and telling me she is loving it and I was as well.

    I then suggest some missionary and she gets me hard again with a BBBJ while I fingered her pussy and then suits up and I enter and again fucking good inside her and she looked very sexy with her flat stomach and sexy legs and pretty face.

    I mixed close slow fucking with elevated faster sessions with May crying out to fuck her hard and not to stop and there was plenty of tongue sucking along the way and this went for 15 minutes.

    I then went back to side saddle as I was getting hot and then finished missionary with five minutes of slow and then very fast at the end at it was explosive.

    May told me she came three times and she has never been fucked that long before I turned up today and wants more long sessions so I will be back for sure.

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