Person's Name : Miki

Establishment : Surry Hills Massage

Date of Visit : Oct 2019

Contact Details/Address/Weblink : surryhills426 (Wechat) Shop2 424-426 Cleveland St Surry Hills

Phone : 0466 686 326

Hours of Business : Unknown

Rates : $65 per hour

Age : 30

Size/shape : Size 6, B cups

Nationality or Ethnicity : Japanese

Services Provided : Body slide RnT

Value for money/recommend? : No

My experience/comments : Found this place in locanto. They advertised specifically that all the girls had proper massage training, they had a shower, and used proper water based massage oil. Sounds perfect right?

Made a call and booked in Miki. Into the room upstairs, and waited for her. She came in, dressed in a cheap LBD, looked like a good body with a fair face. I lay back down and let her start the massage.

She had Zero idea how to massage, but I let it play out hoping for some tickle. Nope, she did a crap 10 minute massage on my back and legs but went absolutely nowhere near the fun bits, she didn't even massage my glutes or anything. All I knew is suddenly I was having a hot towel applied to clean up the oil.
WTF? So I asked what the deal was, and she asked what I wanted. When I enquired as to the menu, the only offers were nude HJ for $50 or bodyslide with pussy touching for $70. OK sure, i'll take the $70 option, she disrobed and did about 5 minutes of crap body to body and reach for the old fella. Realising this was going to be crap, i started to finger bang her which she seemed to actually like, she was totally wet and ready for it. She then decided to kiss me which i normally would like but she's one of those that thinks that her putting her tongue down your throat is sexy. Anwyay, realising it was a lost cause, I just let he get me off, and clean me up. At this stage we're like 25 mins into an hour massage, but I decide there's no point staying as she doesn't seem to know what to do, and FS aint on the menu. So I asked for the shower which was downstairs. So I had to go down through reception in the towel to get to the tiny shower that had literally nowhere to hang this towel, and opening the shower door exposes you to reception. Awesome.

I got an apology wechat from the papasan when he saw me leave early with a $5 off offer for next time. There won't be one.