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Thread: Ashley - Saigon Princess - sweeter than mango pudding.

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    Default Ashley - Saigon Princess - sweeter than mango pudding.

    Person's Name : Ashley

    Establishment : Saigon Princess St Marys

    Date of Visit : 18/02/2020

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : 2/222 Queen St St Marys

    Phone : 0449 725 196

    Hours of Business : 10am-8pm I think

    Rates : $40/50/60 + tips

    Age : 20's

    Size/shape : Slim. Really slim.

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Malay

    Services Provided : massage, b2b, hj

    Value for money/recommend? : Yes fo sho.

    My experience/comments :
    Jessie and I are texting buddies. Every so often we check in on each other to see how the other is doing. We had both been a little quiet of late, Jessie messaged me last week to check in that I was ok.
    I'm glad she did because without realising it, I had fallen back in to a bad old habit of becoming a grumpy old recluse, one step off sitting on my porch shouting at kids to get off my lawn...
    It has been an eternity since my last punt, or at least so it seems. The end of last year and beginning of this have been a whirlwind of activity.
    Seeing I had some free time suddenly appear in my schedule I asked if there were any girls on today that she would recommend. We realised that even though Ashley had worked for her for a year or so I had never had the pleasure of seeing her. Jessie assured me she would be my cup of tea. That's good. I like tea...
    I arrived in St Mary's only to find parking is scarce today. I drove around a little until I found a spot. As I arrived at the door after a 5 minute walk BOTH spots out the front became free. Typical.
    I was about to open the door, when it swung open to reveal an attractive girl standing there. Clearly she wasn't expecting me because she looked startled. Truth be told that could just have been my face, it's enough to make an onion cry.
    Anyway it was indeed Ashley at the entrance, and so off in to the room together we skipped.
    Ashley is slim. Really slim. She has to run around in the shower just to get wet. Her face reminds me of someone but I couldn't place it. An actress.. Later on with her long jet black hair tied up she looked even MORE like this mysterious actress who I can't place.
    So the massage begins, we make small talk, she is a personable young lass, all the while a slow, light to medium massage is being given. I trust Jessie's recommendation so I guessed she chose Ashley for me because she knows I like to chat.
    There was very little hint of what was to come.
    See, Ashley comes across as a little shy, a little coy, but that all changed.
    While we were touching and stroking each other's bodies, the subject of what turns us on came up (among other things, if you get my drift... my dick, I'm saying I was erect..) and without revealing privileged information, this only made the whole session hotter.
    We had been going like this for a while, she looked over her shoulder "Oh we've only got 10 minutes left. I was enjoying teasing you."
    Nice. Often it can be "how quick can I get you off and out the door.?" buy Ashley was making sure this was a slow, long build up. The shy, quiet Princess kept me on edge for some time, I didnt want to make too much noise but she was, by her own admission, trying to make me scream.
    She was straddling me, her juice was dripping and running down my leg, she wasn't joking about what turned her on.
    Have you ever had one of those orgasms where you can't lie down, you have to arch upwards?
    My head was on the verge of exploding when finally she allowed me to climax. A cheeky grin on her face as she kept going and I kept twitching.
    "Naaawww it would have been better if you screamed!"
    "But I'm shy!" I replied.
    "Next time scream for me..."
    We cleaned up, said our goodbyes and out the door I glided.
    Ashley is pretty, slim, elegant. In clothes she is that Asian girl you see walking through the mall and think "She's cute.", in the room she is a fox. I can only imagine what fun she would be in a bedroom.. my head is spinning at the thought.

    In short, will I return to visit Ashley?
    Helltotheyeah. Punts are supposed to be fun, and she certainly is that. They say good things come in small packages, well, she is fucking brilliant.

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    Thanks so much for that review, Ashley is wonderful, and very good as what she does. You are always welcomed fever.
    Everyone else come Ashley is working wednesday, friday and saturday this week. She is a pleasure.
    Saigon Princess
    2/222 Queen Street (Cnr King St)
    St Marys
    NSW 2760
    0449 725 197

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