Jessica - a little sunshine on a rainy day.
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Thread: Jessica - a little sunshine on a rainy day.

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    Default Jessica - a little sunshine on a rainy day.

    Person's Name : Jessica

    Establishment : Saigon Princess

    Date of Visit : 3/3/2020

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : 2/222 Queen St St Mary's

    Phone : 0449 725 197

    Hours of Business : 10-8

    Rates : $40/50/60 + tips

    Age : early 20's

    Size/shape : 165cmish, small bust, nice butt!

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Vietnamese

    Services Provided : massage, nhj, b2b, ps

    Value for money/recommend? : yeah

    My experience/comments :
    I turn 45 at my next birthday. It's an age where you start to develop a certain pessimistic/cynical outlook on things. You feel more and more that in the unlikely event there is a god, he put your body and life together with the same care and diligence you showed that Ikea furniture your partner bought on a Saturday afternoon you were supposed to be watching the grand final at a mates house. You realise the last time you gave someone an orgasm was when they looked out the window and saw you drop the hammer on your own foot, and you also realise not only are you going to die, but that your body probably won't be discovered for several weeks, after your dogs have picked your bones clean, and neighbours see your Chihuahua struggling to drag and bury your femur..

    I'm lucky in that I still manage to maintain a reasonably respectable physique. Most of my friends have bodies like a dropped lasagne. Their wives look at their naked bodies in the same fearful way pensioners look at snow.

    Of course I was pondering all this on a cold and damp autumn morning, wondering where I should go to brighten an otherwise bleak day. A wechat message popped up, it was Jessie asking if I wanted to try a new girl to see what I thought. Sure, why not.

    I drove out west, alternating between cursing at drivers who obviously learned how to drive either by watching movie car chase scenes, or from a 95 year old sloth on valium, and pondering my own existential crisis.

    I recently entered, and exited, a relationship. I am starting to understand why Yoda went to live on Dagobah. If you think back to the ancient torture devices the likes of the Spanish Inquisition used, and the ones where the more it hurt, the more you struggled, and consequently the tighter it got... well that's what it is like to be in a relationship sometimes. I couldn't help but wonder though If, in fact, maybe I am to blame. Whether I'm so invested in the narcissistic notion of myself as "the loner" that I sub-consciously sabotage any relationship I enter. Or maybe I'm still hung up on somebody else.

    My thoughts then drifted to how I wish I could stay with a girl I saw often, and then to how all my regulars were no longer around. Amanda, Vicky, Cherry, Alice, Jessie, and now Annie. I considered going against Jessie's wishes and choosing to stay with Ashley instead. Our session the other week made me think perhaps she was regular material.

    Before I knew it I was in St Mary's airspace, so I parked the buggy, and trudged through the rain without an umbrella, because in my mind I didn't deserve one (yes I'm being melodramatic). Plus out here people yell at you from cars for such things "Umbrella, you poof!" I once got yelled at on a winter's morning for wearing gloves in Blacktown... I digress..

    Arrived at the shop and was greeted by 4 girls dressed in black. Felt like a scene from a ninja movie and I was about to get my ass whooped. "You booked in with Jessica."
    I hesitated. I saw another review that wasn't flash. Jessica stood next to me. She is pretty. Height probably 165ish. I decided to just go with it.

    In to the room, Jessica has a thick Vietnamese accent so it took me a second to adjust. Her massage was slow and a little firm but not back cracker firm. I had asked for a little softer anyway so it was as requested. I was surprised when she started initiating conversation, and I do like a chat. We talked about travel mostly, she kept telling me countries with pretty girls and it was quite a pleasant time.
    Would I like extra? By all means. Body to Body? Why not indeed.
    For the first part of the part 2 the panties stayed on "Aha, the other bro was right, oh well..." I thought as she kissed all up and down my body, she had removed her bra to expose her a cup breasts. To my pleasant surprise, the red lacey panties came off next. Huzzah! My day was certainly improving.

    Sensual slides, mutual kissing of bodies, and before we knew it time was running out. Did I want to extend? Yeah but... no I can't.. so we made for the finish line at a reasonable but still sensual pace. Jessica cleaned up and for the last minute or two gave a nude head massage.

    At the end we dressed and exchanged agreed fees, Jessie popped in for a chat. I've always enjoyed chatting with Jessie, such a sweet girl. If I can't have a regular massage girl like her, because let's face it, diamonds don't come along every day, then this is the next best thing.

    So I dare say that Jessica may have received some retraining after the previous review. Is she my new regular? Don't know, usually that shows on a second or third visit. How does she rate out of the SP girls? Ashley is probably still my preferred choice along with Sophia, but Jessie is starting to put together a pretty crack squad of girls out there. Jessica is certainly worth a visit for rhe view of that lovely butt in the mirror alone!
    So if you find yourself in the wild west, stick your head in to SP and see what's happening. It's a nice little spot.

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    Thanks Fever, good to see you again. Jessica is working today until 8pm, she is great in a double.
    Saigon Princess
    2/222 Queen Street (Cnr King St)
    St Marys
    NSW 2760
    0449 725 197

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