Person's Name : Emily

Establishment : Saigon Princess at St Mary’s

Date of Visit : 23rd March 2020

Contact Details/Address/Weblink : wechat: saigonprincess81

Phone : 0449725197

Hours of Business : 9:30am to 7:30pm according to google.

Rates : $60 hr + Tip

Age : early 30’s

Size/shape : Petite, Enchanced C cup, quite firm. Has tattoos on her rib, part of her hips and down her leg. Reminded me of some Yakuza girls. Lower middle lip pierce. Looks attractive compared to the other girls there.

Nationality or Ethnicity : Vietnamese

Services Provided : massage, b2b, Hj with slight ball licking.

Value for money/recommend? : YMMV

My experience/comments :

With the situation going on, it was a matter of time massage palors and establishments would be locked down. Needed some release and massage, decided to come here before it does. Messaged via Wechat to see if they were open and they were. Wanted to try someone new so mamasan recommended Emily and shown me her photo. She looks attractive so I accepted and drive down.
Street parking was difficult, had to circle few times but overall quiet area. The police station is up the road of Saigon Princess….

Went in and there was at 5 girls chilling plus mamasan.
All the girls there looked like normal girls with normal clothing, I didn’t get a good look of them all since they were all scattered around.
Paid and sent in the middle room this time which is quite small, similar to the first room.
Door has a gap at the top and bottom, so you can hear whats going on outside and they most likely can hear you aswell if you’re a loud talker and other things.

So before I laid on the table, I got to see Emily up close, she looked attractive with long fake eye lash and dark mascara. Hair tied up with Petite body. One piece dress.
Got naked and laid on the table while she went to get her things. When she came back, she played Vietnamese music which was pleasant. It’s just traditional Vietnamese instrumental sounds. Maybe to drown out the sound outside.

This is where YMMV, her massages were very soft. Despite trying her hardest, I barely felt anything which was disappointing. Maybe I was spoilt by Cindy massage because she really killed my back, maybe my back grown some more muscle afterwards? But Emily was soft. Softer than a feather. I wasn’t even sure if she tried but she did. Even ask if shes doing it too hard, let her know…Sorry Emily ☹

That went on for 20mins then flip over. Asked if I want B2B, cost $50. Okay sure.
She took off her one piece dress to reveal she wasn’t wearing anything undearneath. She has a great body with quite few tattoos.

B2B was much better, she was very sensual. Rubbing her body up and down my cock while licking my chest. She kept doing this until I was full mast.
Eventually some ball rubbing and then rubbed her face all over my cock. Dam, I wanted to explode then!
No kissing or licking the shalf unfortunately. Eventually she moved further down and lick underneath my balls. Felt great but wasn’t enough of that. Finished off with HJ which I cum hard over her body and mine…
Cleaned up with towel and baby powder..

Some small talk, I asked about whether they would be closing which they told me mamasan wont be. But this was before Tuesday’s announcement so im sure they would be closed now. But I feel bad for the girls cause they are studying here and with no more work, no more paid. They cant get centrelink either. So would be interesting whats gonna happen..

Overall once the lockout is lifted, I recommend but YMMV.