Person's Name : Annie

Establishment : C & H massage

Date of Visit : 4/11/2019

Contact Details/Address/Weblink : 77 Willoughy Rd Crows Nest

Phone : 80210383 or 0403488 902

Hours of Business : 10-7pm

Rates : $40 30 minutes + $50 tips

Age : 23 she told me

Size/shape : quite tall, curvy body, bit of middle fat, D cups with large suckable nipples and trimmed pussy

Nationality or Ethnicity : Iranian

Services Provided : massage + nude HJ

Value for money/recommend? : Yep nice friendly lass

My experience/comments :

Having never been to this place and seeing that on some days there are potentially exotic beauties thought to give this place a try. Rocked up without an appointment and was met by Annie at the door and thought this is nice, not an Asian for a change as they are the places I frequent mostly - pure cost and availability. She tells me that she is the only one available and that she has another booking in about an hour. Cool I ask if 30 minutes would work for her and she said as that would give time to clean up afterwards. She led me to the first room on the right, room was fully enclosed and not massive but clean and tidy. I gave her the cash for the booking where she left while I stripped and got onto the bed.

She returned quickly and put a towel over my body to begin the massage. She has definitely had some training in the area of massage as she found all my sore points and worked on those. Also did some good stretching while had me well and truly out of the towel. Her English is very good and told me that this was her 3rd day of work - she only works on Mondays and sometimes other days when required. We continued to chat while she massage working her way around my body and getting rid of my stress. At about the 20 minute mark she asked me to turnover so that she could massage the front of my legs - until then we had not talked about extras. So I asked and was told the standard 20/50 options and choose the later as I wanted to see her naked. She took off her clothes and as I stated she has a bit of fat but a shapely body with nice tits with some of the largest nipples I have seen on a young lass.

She grabbed the oil to start the tug, she oiled me up and started a totally unrushed tug, I asked as I always do with new lasses where I could touch and everywhere except the pussy. So I fondle her tits and arse as she went to work on the old fella, she had one hand on my cock while the other roamed my balls, legs and the rest of my body. This continued and I asked if I could suck on her nipples and she replied yes and moved close so that I could go to work on those puppies - nice. She continued the tug, changing pace but not letting me cum, until eventually I blew everywhere. She cleaned me up with tissues and hot towels and sent me on my way. We had gone overtime by my reckoning as the tug took longer than she expected, but she didn't rush but made sure I enjoyed myself.

I went next door to grab a burrito and saw the next lucky lad head up the stairs.

Annie is very relaxed and nice girl would see her again