Person's Name : Jenny

Establishment : CBD Style

Date of Visit : 04/12/2019

Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

Phone : 0449 231 878

Hours of Business : 09:30 -19:30

Rates :$130/90m + $30 tip

Age : 30's

Size/shape : Maybe 162, size 6 or 7 not sure, B (clothed though, so...)

Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

Services Provided : Pro Remedial Massage + CHJ

Value for money/recommend? : Yes

My experience/comments :

A recent visit to the Chiropractor to repair some damage I did to myself last weekend resulted in the suggestion I get a "proper" massage.

Effective massage's have been hard to come by since my favorite qualified massage lady at Sussex has gone. Since last week's OK visit here I was thinking about returning and the Owner told me about Jenny being a professional massage therapist and I should try her.

I booked for the most expensive remedial option on the menu because that is what I mainly wanted, also, I was kind of curious as to whether extras would be on offer so this really did fit into the category of a punt.

Showed up and noticed some changes since last week, first the reception area lighting is not glaring, and the a/c has been adjusted so it is not so cold that my dick will shrivel-up as soon as I get it out. The music system has been changed and sounds better. This shop is only in its second week and is hitting its stride.

The owner greeted me and ushered me into room 2 of 4, I took the opportunity to ask if getting fully nude would be a problem for this remedial session, she laughed and said it was normal, and left. Jenny came in as I was undressing and once fully undressed I got the table.

Did I say my body was in a state of tight balled up tension? Well I stuffed myself up a bit at the weekend and my entire back was a series of knots - it was getting difficult to even move properly. I knew that if this was going to be effective, it was going to hurt like hell. So pretty soon I found out that Jenny is more than a good masseuse, she is expert.. but it did hurt, you just have to breath and power through it..

The massage was simply the best I have ever had. She spent a full 75-80 minutes working hard and freeing up everything. Some Tiger Balm was used as well which helped by setting my back on fire. I think that was a trick just to distract me from the sometimes sharp pains of having my back muscles bullied into submission.

I noticed that as she was working her way down my neck and spine she was finding the problems and calling out the vertebrae names out that exactly corresponded to the diagnosis I had by a Chiropractor earlier in the week, everything he said I needed, she found and sorted out. It was amazing. Normally I would relax, but it was a bit hard going trying not to and I felt every one of those minutes.

Finally it was over, hot towel was used to remove the oil and balm and I was asked to turn over - she finished up the massage with some head work. I got a congratulatory hug for making it through without screaming, and then with some quick universal sign language negotiation - her making the hand gesture and me nodding. So after a long session spent making hard things softer, she spent the last 15 minutes making one soft part very hard.

This girl supports my theory that in the parlour RnT game you will not get a good Tug from someone who cant Rub. Her HJ technique was remarkable! A very slow and sensual start to summon my little brother to attention then flowing and controlled movements commanding erotic attention, nothing is left out, balls, perenium, asshole all gets attention and she has uncanny intuition that works to mean that no comment or feedback was required on my part. She was fully in charge and knows the right way to work cock and balls!

So with my favorite ML ladies of the past two years all gone, Jenny easily takes the place. She only works Wednesday's though, so I may still see one or two other girls here because I cant always make Wednesday.

RECOMMENDED if you want an expert remedial massage with a top tier happy ending. If you want a younger cutie who will relax and entertain you, you would be better off with someone else.