Person's Name : Angela

Establishment : 47B Barry Avenue Mortdale

Date of Visit : 2/9/20

Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

Phone : (02) 9534 8710

Hours of Business : 10am to 11pm

Rates : $80 1/2 hour

Age : early 30's

Size/shape : Medium

Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

Services Provided : BBBJ, Rimming

Value for money/recommend? : Yes

My experience/comments: I was feeling a bit toey last week so I decided it was time for a punt. I originally wanted to see TS Jenny but she has a bit going on at the moment so I decided to follow up on my previous visit to Barry Ave Mortdale and pay another visit to Angela.
Much to-ing and fro-ing between my self and the Mamassan at Barry Ave Mortdale and I still could not make out whether Angela was working that day or not (It was a Wednesday – her usual rostered day) - they really should have a roster somewhere!. I eventually Made out that Angela was at Barry Ave but was not feeling well so I left it at that.

Being how I am, once I start organising a punt, if it falls through, I have to go through with another one somewhere! Having been told that there were a couple of other really great girls at Barry Ave, I headed there anyway.

Mamassan opened the door and recognised me from previous visits and then explained that Angela was just starting her time of the month and that was why she wasn’t available and that as I hadn’t booked, the other girls weren’t available for another hour or so and would I like to see Angela for a blow and go instead.

Stuff it, I figured I’d have to get my rocks off some how so paid to see Angela
I was ushered into a room and there was Angela, fully dressed and looking very much to my liking. I paid up, jumped in the shower and she proceeded to strip. I wasn’t going to dunk my cookies in her but really wanted those lips around my cock. I came out of the shower, dried myself and lay on the bed. Out came the wet wipes and she proceeded to give me a really good wipe down.

Angela has a really good technique with her bbbj. I played with her breasts and slightly rubbed her clit while she sucked me. She then asked if I wanted to be rimmed…. Well yeah! Once again, out with the wipes and then she proceeded to give me a great rimming whilst playing with my cock.

I was close to cumming so she took me in her mouth again until I exploded, She continued sucking and then disposed of it in a tissue. She wiped me up, I had a shower and then we had a cigarette together lol.

Though I want to see TS Jenny next, I also can’t wait to go back and get the full service again from Angela… oh, and take google translate along with you lol.