Person's Name : Maggie

Establishment : 47b Mortdale

Date of Visit : 23/2/21

Contact Details/Address/Weblink : Mortdale 47b Brothel - Mortdale 47B

Phone : 0452 218638

Hours of Business : 10 til late

Rates : $150/hr

Age : About 30?

Size/shape : OK face, tallish, curvy figure (not fat), A/B-cups, fully shaved

Nationality or Ethnicity : Macau

Services Provided : BBBJ, 69, FIV, toys, DATY, a position I don't know the name of, cowgirl

Value for money/recommend? : Yes - good fun

My experience/comments : I haven’t been to 47b for over three months (no particular reason) and the Mamasan reminded me of this as soon as I phoned. I asked about new girls and she suggested I try Maggie, (although at first I thought she was saying “Micky” – it was Maggie who subsequently clarified her name).

When I turned up Maggie had only just arrived so I had a chat with the Mamasan for a few minutes before I was led to the room where Maggie was waiting.

She had just showered and had a thin sheet wrapped around her and we chatted while I stripped and showered.

Maggie was immediately friendly and cheerful. She has an OK face, not particularly Chinese-looking – she told me she was from Macau so I guess there might be some Portuguese ancestry in the mix.

While I was in the shower Maggie put on her working clothes – a Chinese-style high-necked dress – which she immediately removed as soon as I lay on the bed. (It always amuses me when the girls do that.)

She is quite tall with a darkish complexion. She has a curvy figure (not at all fat) and A/B-cups and was fully shaved.

Hygiene was obviously a priority but that didn’t spoil the session.

After a lick of my nipples while she stroked my cock, she soon started sucking me.

It was a very good BBBJ – no teeth, nice soft lips and good hand- and tongue –work but there were a couple of tissue-breaks.

Maggie was kneeling beside me so I fingered her pussy and she soon moved round for some 69.

This was good as she reacted immediately, moaning and squirming as I licked her with some tickling of her arsehole and then some gentle FIV. She was dripping wet.

Maggie the jumped up and went to her bag and got a vibrator – one of those with a control thing containing the batteries and a couple of bullet-like vibrators attached by a wire.

She lay down with her knees against her chest and rubbed the vibrator against her clit while I watched close-up and alternated between licking her and finger-fucking her.

I love watching a girl pleasure herself and am only too happy to comply if she is telling me what she wants me to do.

She even grabbed her phone, turned on the torch and placed it between her legs so I could properly see the action!!

Maggie gradually built herself up to a couple of intense orgasms (she later told me she came twice but couldn’t quite manage a third) and I enjoyed watching the creamy juices flow from her pussy.

Maggie then wanted to fuck and immediately grabbed a condom – no lube was required.

I don’t know the name of the position but she continued to lie on her back with the vibrator held against her clit and I was on my side between her legs with my body perpendicular to hers as I entered.

Unfortunately I was very worked up by now and I hadn’t had a punt for four days and I was soon at the stage where I had to stop moving or I would have squirted so I couldn’t give her the pounding she seemed to want.

I tried to prolong matters by changing to cowgirl but Maggie rode me so well, Asian-style, that before long I couldn’t hold back.

Maggie tidied me up and we had a chat as we showered and dressed – her English is OK.

She has been in Australia for a few years and has only just started at 47b so doesn’t yet know which days she’ll be working.

I gave some feedback to the Mamasan on my way out and I left.