Person's Name : Star

Establishment : Mortdale 47b Brothel - Mortdale 47B

Date of Visit : early July 2020

Contact Details/Address/Weblink : Mortdale 47b Brothel - Mortdale 47B

Phone :Mortdale 47b Brothel - Mortdale 47B

Hours of Business :

Rates : 150 per hour

Age : Early 30's

Size/shape : Athletic size 8, 170cm, Toned and firm curves, spank you very much bum

Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

Services Provided : Covered F.S. + BBBJ + Doggie + Missionary

Value for money/recommend? : ++++ YES +++++ | Great Girl

My experience/comments :

Curiosity whispered to me that it was SHE who killed the cat!

I told HER it was I that SHOT THE SHERIFF but BOREDOM was my self defence.

Ok Ö I hear the taunts Ö I am no lyrical genius or poet. Simply I had never been to this place. I took a PUNT and WON!!

Judy who runs the place is a kind hearted woman if you donít play her for the fool and is sincere in trying to match you with the right girl.

I was introduced to STAR one rainy and wet Wednesday night. I told her she was the only Star in the sky tonight due to the weather and that remark went down Ö really down! Thereafter I put away any further effort at being the next Seinfeld.

Star is a beautiful woman with an athletic body. She has toned curves, blond streaks and is a most pleasant hearted person. Her skin is silk and we shared a great thing in common Ö neither of us spoke each otherís native language. From this point on Star was a sheer joy to be with. A most humble and fun person to be with who wanted me to enjoy my stay Ö. and I certainly did! The Chillisauce 11th Commandment applied here Ö Thou shall treat them right and they too will treat you with like kindness.

I donít want to give everything away but if you are into being pampered the Star is the way to go. Kissing all over and then suddenly .... what happened to that erect birthday candle?

Her BBBJ made me wish their were no clocks in this world and this could last forever. She entertained me with so many styles and methods that I was forced to pick OPTION E) all of the above.

Sexually she went from ultra sexy to porn star and this was done with effortless ease. Doggie, side saddle, Ride Em Cowboy and Donít mess with a Missionary Man were engaged and I was left mesmerized and smiling at her while she showered.

A sexy woman with a heart of gold.

If your a punbter - odds on you will be happy