Person's Name : Baby

Establishment : Cherry Blossom

Date of Visit : 7 Jan 2021

Contact Details/Address/Weblink : 5 Alan street, Fairfield NSW

Phone : (02) 8764 3452

Hours of Business : 10am - late

Rates : 110 - 30 mins

Age : 20ish

Size/shape : Petite, Baby Fat, Baby Face, Small B Cups,

Nationality or Ethnicity : Vietnamese

Services Provided : CBJ, CFS, DATY (offered)

Value for money/recommend? : Yes

My experience/comments :
Baby is cute, short and cuddly. The big round glasses complete the look especially when she was wearing the schoolgirl cosplay-style outfit. Her english is great and she is very friendly.

Usual ceremony was complete I shower, she returns and pops into the shower to freshen up while I setup camp on the bed and relax. Baby joins me and starts licking my nipples which isn't my thing but I appreciated the effort. Meanwhile she starts to stroke Borris Jnr and then kisses down to kick of some pretty decent licking work around the old balls. I thought I might be in for some complementary BBBJ but alas... Oh well, the though certainly got the mood set. She was starting to get a little rough but wrapped things up before I needed to call a time-out.

I wonder if she would be open to negotiating extras next time. Hmm....?

On goes the raincoat and before I can make a move she's climbed aboard. Before I continue, I should say that Borris Jnr isn't taller than average but is wider around the middle (kinda like me I guess ). So I'm kind of astounded how such a little lady basically just slammed herself down on me. It was a much rougher entry than I would have dared to attempt on her. No complaints though.

I'm not a huge fan of CG but it was dealers choice so I gave her time to ride before switching around to doggy. For a little lass, she got a decent ass and it was quite the view for a while. Interestingly she kept reaching around and checking that the dom was still in place. Must have done this weapons-check half a dozen times. I wonder if the paranoia was because some idiot has pulled the old switcheroo on her for a bit of unauthorised bareback?

Anyway, time was getting away and so we switched to mish for the finale. She helped me pack away the tools and lay for a brief cuddle before hitting the shower for some alone time.

Nice girl. Nice time. Nothing mind-blowing but well... nice. And sometimes, nice is what I'm after. I'm sure I'll spend a little time with Baby again in the future.