Person's Name : Fiona

Establishment : Cherry Blossom

Date of Visit : 6 February 20

Contact Details/Address/Weblink : 5 Alan street, Fairfield NSW

Phone : (02) 8764 3452

Hours of Business : 10am - late

Rates : 150 - 45 mins*

Age : 20's

Size/shape : Slim, C Cup, Small bush

Nationality or Ethnicity : Indian

Services Provided : CFS, DATY, FIV

Value for money/recommend? : Yes+

My experience/comments : New on the WeChat roster and with an interesting look from what I could see, so a phone call later I am booked in. When I get there I find out that the shop is now trialling or has added an extra Tier of girls. *Typically 45 minutes is $130 but for the premier girls it is $150, mamasan was careful to tell me that the 2 girls on that list, Fiona and Candy not only look beautiful but excellent in the room. So I handed over the dollars, and went with Fiona to the room. Now she does not look Indian, a little more exotic blend with definite Asian overtones, the part of India she comes from is known for that look. Almost like a lighter skinned Burmese look. Still she looked very nice and her body is smooth with youth, nice curvy breasts with dark nipples, and downy pubic hair and curvy butt. Still there are lots of nice to look at ladies out there, it is in the room that the magic happens.

A quick shower and onto the bed, a moment to enjoy this young ladies exotic look and fine body before she lay down next to me, I started caressing her neck and back, then kissing lightly her neck and continuing to softly touch all over. I then added some soft nibbling working south, pausing to enjoy her now erect nipples and then moving down to start some Daty, she was very responsive and got quite wet. During my Indian snacking she was grabbing one hand then holding my head and moving around, it was quite pleasant to be the source of her enjoyment. I moved up next to her and little Khad was at full attention at this stage, she moved closer and hugged me kissing my neck and it felt very GFE, I was softly playing with her pussy and she was playing with my cock, the urge was too great so I got up to move towards Mish, cover on and I slid into her wet pussy. She was hugging and softly moaning and making my efforts feel even more rewarded, she was hugging me tight and I asked her what she liked, fast in Mish but preferred Doggy, so over we went. A nice curve to her butt and a pleasure to feel as I worked away in doggy. Then I needed a breath so she hopped for some CG, but it was clear it was the best position for us, so back into Mish for the sprint home. The whole time she was hugging, caressing and basically reacting like a GF, it was a great session. I took a couple of pauses to extend the pleasure and she asked me to speed the strokes for her, so that was just what we both needed to get across the line.

She is young and here Studying, exotic looking, but you can hear the Indian when she is talking, good English and working in the Shop on Thurs/Fri. I did see Candy on the way out (the other premium lady) and she was quite fine looking as well. Will see how that goes on another visit.