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    Default Time to enjoy a sip of Jasmine

    Person's Name : Jasmine

    Establishment : Cherry Blossom

    Date of Visit : 13 September 20

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : 5 Alan street, Fairfield NSW

    Phone : (02) 8764 3452

    Hours of Business : 10am - late

    Rates : 130 - 45 mins

    Age : 20-25

    Size/shape : Slim Spinner, peach pussy lips, C cups

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Vietnamese

    Services Provided : CBJ, CFS, DATY

    Value for money/recommend? : Yes

    My experience/comments : I was here previously to see a regular and saw Jasmine as one of the ladies in the shop, so a return booking was made. She is one of the younger group here (a decent selection) and was cute. She was friendly on the intro, and in the room pointed out the Mouthwash near the shower, so I washed and gargled. She returned and offered some hand sanitiser as well as some Gum. I had a moments pause of oh no, but took what was offered and laid back to see what would unfold.

    Naked she is quite pretty, very nice firm breasts, taught firm butt, slim with a smooth pussy. She hopped on the bed straight into a hug and some neck nibbling, before eventually moving to my nipples, and moving south to stroke my already hard cock. She started rubbing her nipples on my cock head and looked at me to ask if I was enjoying it. Some more cock rubbing before a little Spanish between those pert breasts and then back up to grab a cover. On went the Dom before a decent CBJ, total focus on the shaft, with a good motion and depth. She was varying the speed and I was enjoying more the fact I could caress her back and tight butt, still the BJ was ok.

    After a while I made the moves to get up and had her lie down so I could enjoy the viet feast, starting with some nipples and then softly kissing south to her stomach, along her upper thighs before kissing the top of her pussy. She didn't give any signals so I moved between her legs, and kissed in from her thighs into her pussy, starting to enjoy licking and sipping away. At first I wasn't getting any response positive or negative. But I was enjoying it so I continued, after a couple of minutes I felt her tilt her pelvis a little and the occasional exhalation, ahh, I got a positive response, happy with that it was time to move up for some mish.

    She added a small touch of lube and guided me into her pussy, it wasn't tight, but was just right and after a few thrusts I was enjoying the long slow strokes as I slid into her. I varied the speed a little and noticed her feet were curled up as well as her moaning, so it seemed I was in the right playing field. It always feels better to me if the WL is enjoying it on some level as well. I wanted to feel that pussy in a couple of different positions as well as the view, so got her to hop on, and she jumped straight on in RCG. That gave me a great view of that young tight butt, and I was enjoying stroking it as she bounced. I got her to switch to CG so I could add some breast play and some thrusting from under, she seemed to like that as she hugged into my tightly and kissed my neck again.

    Doggy was next on the menu and I stood up so I could enjoy the entire view from the side of the bed, what an amazing butt. From there into partial standing doggy, one leg on the bed. I then got her to lie down so I could enjoy the view and had to give her pussy a few more licks. I took off the dom and she took over hand action as she sat on my face, the combination of taste, feel and view was just what was ordered to get an eruption. She asked if all was well because it took a while, and I told her that it was as I wanted to enjoy it longer. A most enjoyable session with a lovely young lady from Hanoi.

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    Thank you!


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