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    Default Vi. Not for me

    Person's Name : Vi

    Establishment : Cherry Blossom

    Date of Visit : 8 January 20

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : 5 Alan street, Fairfield NSW

    Phone : (02) 8764 3452

    Hours of Business : 10am - late

    Rates : 100 - 30 mins

    Age : 19-20

    Size/shape : Curvy, C/D Cup, Shaven

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Vietnamese

    Services Provided : CFS

    Value for money/recommend? : YMMV - Not for me

    My experience/comments : Lots of lovely ladies available when I stopped in, I think Vi might have introduced last and she was young and pretty so I chose her. In the room she was quiet, I normally talk a little to break the ice but it was clear she wasn't the talking type. We showered up and she is young, curvy with nice hips and breasts. She moved onto the bed and started straight away playing with my cock while looking at the wall, I caressed her back and breasts a little to warm her up. Once my cock was hard enough on with the cover and some lube. She asked that I start slowly and of course I would. She then just lay back, so I moved into Mish. I slowly started to put my cock in and she squeezed her thighs tighter to retard how far, that was fine I was taking it easy and slowly. But it was clear after a couple of mins that all she was going to allow was just my cock head in (I am not large by any means) and by no means was I going to finish this way, so instead of trying to force my way in, I stopped and asked for the session to end.

    I asked her to get the manager and explained the situation, with some chatter in Viet Vi was unhappy with me being to big, and I told the MMS that she should have mentioned up front not at the point where it wasn't happening, still the MMS offered another girl at a reduced rate to make up for the time/effort/etc and that leads me into my next review with Pink.

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    Khadji. I appreciate the way you handled the session and the girl. With respect but refusing to accept any bullshit too. Good on you.
    In Love With Dillion Harper. And now in love with Saya Song too. Now adding Yhivi to the list.

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