Person's Name : Eliza

Establishment : Taylors

Date of Visit : March 2020

Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

Phone :9646 5555

Hours of Business :

Rates : 160 for 45

Age : late 30's (looks to me late 20's)

Size/shape : beautiful, tall, big frame not fat, perky a/b cups, shaved downstairs with fabulous labia, nice bum

Nationality or Ethnicity : NZL by way of Cook Islands

Services Provided : BBBJ, DATY, DFK, CIM, FS Multiple postions

Value for money/recommend? : Yes

My experience/comments : Had been wanting to visit Taylors for some time and had the opportunity on a Friday in March, Eliz had intrigued me so rang papasan and booked Eliza for 3pm. The back entrance took some finding and didn't realise you have to go up an alley to get to it. Ring the bell papasan answers and lets me in usual do you have a booking etc.. yes how long how much - forked out the 160 for 45 for eliza. Downstairs at Taylors is nothing to write home about and smelt like an empty ash tray so wasn't sure what to expect. Anyhow Eliza is called and out from the curtains towards the back of the establishment emerges a tall beatiful lady, this looks promising. She takes my hand and leads me upstairs to find a room. Looks like the ladies that start early make sure the late starters have the worst room, I don't care I'm here to sample Eliza not the room, and I'm 1st cab off the rank. Once in the room and still clothed we embrace and begin DFKing, all good and she seems into it while I grope her breasts and she plays with drogo through my pants. Off to the shower I'm ordered - I need to be shown where - just across the hallway ok that's a first for me. Anyway she departs to have one as well and we both get back to the room at the same time. I get to look her body over, she's all woman and gogeous to boot. Some more DFKing and mutual stroking while we stand - she is wet - this looks good. Onto the bed where she makes her way down to begin a BBBJ which is very good, no worrying about precum, going deep, plenty of saliva. After a while I'm getting on edge, so We disengage and I get her to lie down so I can feast on her pussy and prominent labia, she's nice and wet and tastes sweet, I go to town and she's responds nicley and gets very wet. I bring her to climax and she shudders, she tells me that usually doesn't happen. On with the protection we start in cowboy, I get to play with her perky boobs. After a few minutes she tores, we swap to missionary where I start building up a head of steam she responds nicely after a while a tire and disengage. Eliza proceeds to take the protection off and begins another BBBJ which is great, I get on edge and then she pushes me past it, I let her know a load is coming she keeps sucking and I unload a bug load into her mouth. She disengages passes me some tissues and then heads to the bathroom to spit it out and rinse. When she comes back theres still a few minutes left we lie next to each other and have a chat. She has an interesting story and is great to talk to. I doubt she'll be back working post rona. Phone rings to let her know time's up. head to the shower for a quick rinse.

In summary a really nice lady who provides good service. I would see her again if possible post rona but I don't think I'll get the opportunity.