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    Default Cherry

    Person's Name: Cherry

    Establishment: 102 Moore St. Liverpool

    Date of Visit: 26/12/20

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink:

    Phone: 02 8798 3358

    Hours of Business: 24/7

    Rates: $150/hr

    Age: 25-30

    Size/shape: slender milf, B cups, shaved

    Nationality or Ethnicity: Chinese

    Services Provided: dfk, daty, bbbj, cfs, cim, massage, shower together.

    Value for money/recommend: Good value/ recommended

    My experience/comments:
    Back in October I reviewed Cherry who was new on the roster. I got caught up in some confusion with her name and referred to her as Carry. Now that she’s firmly established at 102 and her genuine pic is on the website I wanted to correct my error with another short review.

    Cherry is one of the younger milfs at 102, and always presents well.
    She looks good naked and enjoys herself but her standout attribute is her cheerful, affectionate attitude.

    This visit, manager Emily takes me to room 1 to get ready for Cherry. I’m stripped when she arrives and discover we’re relocating to room 5. I pay and head for the shower and finish before Cherry returns. I’m seated on the lounge and wrapped in a towel as Cherry quickly strips, kneels and unwraps my cock for a sloppy bbbj while I recline.
    I recommend this for your bucket list in 2021 !

    Onto the bed for dfk and daty and a chance to indulge myself in Cherry’s sweet pink pussy. She is enthusiastic about daty and gets wet and noisy quite easily before encouraging me to lie back for some oral attention.
    Cherry is keen to please and her bbbj is great, no teeth, no breaks and happy to spit and drool. Good depth variation, attention to balls, shaft and light rimming are combined in a slow rotation. After confirming a cim finish later on, I encourage Cherry to rotate into a 69 position for some mutual oral.

    Although her English is limited she makes it clear when she’s ready to fuck!
    Cherry applies protection muttering “happy happy” and slides on for some energetic cg before settling into a very slow grind. Her slim frame and swaying breasts make for a great sight as I caress her torso and large nipples. I allow Cherry to control the tempo and she cums quite hard in this position. We swap again to continue penetration in mish with a couple of variations as I look down on her smiling face.

    I’m close but keen for a cim finish so we uncouple, remove the dom and allow Cherry to resume her bbbj, stroking and ball raking until I cum hard in her mouth. She stays down to finish me off nicely.

    There’s a little time left for a light massage before we head for the shower together. Cherry treats me to a thorough wash down before attending to herself.
    We dress and there are more hugs and kisses as we make our way back to reception.
    Cherry is a great girl, cheerful, affectionate and very attentive.
    While I try to sample the 102 roster as evenly as possible I must confess Cherry has become a semi-regular of mine and is easy to recommend.
    Now rostered Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

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    Default Cherry at 102 - a very good session with an enthusiastic girl who is eager to please

    Person's Name : Cherry

    Establishment : 102 Liverpool

    Date of Visit : 5/1/21

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : Liverpool Brothel & Escorts & Adult Full Services | Club 102

    Phone : 8798 3358

    Hours of Business : 24/7

    Rates : $150/hr

    Age : 30-something

    Size/shape : Pretty face, decent slender figure, B-cups, fully shaved

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

    Services Provided : DFKing, rimmimg/tromboning/DD, BBBJ, 69, FIV, cowgirl, doggie, FIA, mish, CIM

    Value for money/recommend? : Absolutely - a fun and full-on session

    My experience/comments : I tried to book another girl but Christine told me she wasn’t working so I booked Cherry (who was on my “To Do” list anyway – thanks for the reviews, Mr Rose).

    I had to do the QR scanning thing when I arrived before I paid Christine and Cherry led me to the room.

    She has a pretty face (the photo is real and current) and was immediately very friendly and bubbly and was wearing a short, blue, see-through nightie over a black bra and knickers.

    After some hugging, kissing and groping we both stripped and Cherry joined me in the shower, giving my important bits (including, promisingly, my bum) a thorough washing.

    Cherry has a decent slender figure with natural B-cups and was fully and freshly shaved.

    Onto the bed and Cherry lay on top of me for some more DFKing and a catbath before moving down to kneel between my legs.

    She licked my perineum so I raised my knees and she started rimming me.

    I soon turned over and knelt on all fours and she rimmed me some more while stroking my cock – lovely. Cherry then pulled my bum-cheeks apart and had a good go at sticking her tongue up my arsehole.

    I then wanted some proper BBBJ so I lay down.

    It was an excellent blowjob – no teeth, nice and slow and sensual, with good tongue-work, loads of saliva, lovely eye-contact and no interruptions.

    I got her to move round for some 69 and she was soon moaning and writhing around and I was able to finger-fuck her as well.

    At one stage her phone rang and she answered it. This usually annoys me but Cherry was brief, telling the punter that she was busy for one hour while she continued moaning and making the sucking noises. It was clear she was busy, which I found amusing.

    Cherry soon came and pulled away and sat over me for a breather and saying she was happy.

    She wanted to fuck but it was too early so I got her to suck me some more and, as she was kneeling beside me, I was able to finger-fuck her some more.

    Cherry also took a swig of water from a bottle and gave be a very sloppy BJ which was delightful.

    Eventually I asked her to get a condom and, as she dressed me, she confirmed I could later cum in her mouth.

    Cowgirl first and she rode me vigorously, with more DFKing and loads of dirty-talk, until she tired and I asked for some doggie and stood by the bed.

    This was good as she was pretty loud and I also had a thumb fully inserted up her arsehole for a good while but she finally asked me to remove it just before I was about ask whether anal was an option.

    We had some mish, with more noisy potty-mouthing, and I had to slow down several times to extend the enjoyment, before I asked for the CIM finale.

    She lay down and she wiped me down before sucking me to completion.

    Cherry lay in my arms and I established she is from Shenzhen and works at 102 Saturday through to Tuesdays and also at a massage parlour in Penrith.

    Time was up and we showered and dressed.

    All the time Cherry was telling me that she loved me and that I was Number One and that her pussy was happy – I guess she wants to see me (or rather my money) again. Anyway, my cock was also happy!!!!!!

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    Default Cherry- Loves getting fucked

    Person's Name: Cherry

    Establishment: 102 Moore St. Liverpool

    Date of Visit: 19/04/2021

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink:

    Phone: 02 8798 3358

    Hours of Business: 24/7

    Rates: $150/hr

    Age: 25-30

    Size/shape: slender milf, B cups, shaved

    Nationality or Ethnicity: Chinese

    Services Provided: rimming , anal ,dfk, daty, bbbj, cfs, cim, massage, shower together.

    Value for money/recommend: Good value/ highly recommended

    My experience/comments:

    Cherry is slim girl who loves getting fucked.

    I am taken to a room. I remove my clothes before she arrives. I pay at the same time give her a cheeky spank on the ass .

    I make Cherry to give me a blowjob. It was nice and wet (BBJ). She looks good on all fours sucking my cock. Occasionally I will give her a spank on her sexy ass.

    I tried to put a finger in her ass but she moved away. I tried again and this time I was successful. Having cherry suck your dick while playing with her ass was an amazing experience.

    I got her lay down face up. I put my dick in her mouth and start mouth fucking her. I could not hold it . I squirt my cum ep down cherry throat.

    (This was within 15mins in a hour session)

    Quick Massage and round 2 begins.

    This time I decide to fuck her in doggy. After smashing her pussy i decided to try her ass. I could not hold it again and came in the doggy position doing anal.

    I highly recommend her and you wont be disappointed.
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