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    Default Emma

    Person's Name: Emma

    Establishment: 102 Moore St. Liverpool

    Date of Visit: 22/10/20

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink: https://102liverpool.com/

    Phone: 02 8798 3358

    Hours of Business: 24/7

    Rates: $150/hr

    Age: 35-40

    Size/shape: C cup, curvy milf, shaved

    Nationality or Ethnicity: Chinese

    Services Provided: lfk, daty, bbbj, cfs, hj, massage

    Value for money/recommend: Good value/ recommended

    My experience/comments: During my previous visit to 102, I made a promise to see Emma so after a friendly chat to manager Emily I follow Emma to the room. Emma is my type, a classic Chinese milf, curvy, C cup, faded c-scar and very cheerful. Web pics are real.

    I shower while Emma preps the room. She strips and helps me to dry off as we head for the bed. Light kissing only and some mutual nipple play leads to a slow catbath.
    Some mutual touching encourages me to take the lead with daty to get things moving. After some initial communication difficulties Emma happily sits on my face for some tongue action. Emma seems to appreciate this, watching me closely from above and helpfully holding her lips apart and exposing her clit. Her nice smooth lippy puss is a treat, and her loud wet reactions are very encouraging. Emma cums quickly.

    A short breather is followed by some oral attention on me.
    Emma’s bbbj is a good combination of sucks, licks and drool as she works around my head shaft and balls in a slow rotation. No tissues, no teeth and no complaints from me.
    I’m interested in more daty and flip Emma over. She’s very keen and spreads again, holding my head to steer me into the sweet spots before pushing up into my face to grind out another orgasm. I’m loving the connection.

    We’re both pretty frantic to start fucking so she quickly rolls on the dom before I slide inside, balls deep in mish. The tight wet grind is sweet and it’s challenging to maintain the sensation without going too far. Emma’s encouraging noises and tight grip do not help matters.
    We swap places to allow me to calm down a little before she straddles me in a grinding cg which quickly gets the cream rising again. I request another bbbj and Emma obliges. After removing the dom and a couple of wet wipes later, Emma is back slurping my cock.
    I’m primed to blow but can’t confirm whether she’s ok with cim so I pull out with seconds to spare and allow Emma to stroke me to an intense hj finish.
    Bit of a different outcome for me but quite satisfying. After a quick clean up in the shower Emma treats me to a firm relaxing massage in the time remaining. It’s been a good session.

    Emma is a cute milf next door type with a great service attitude.
    She is experienced, obviously enjoys sex and cums easily.
    Recommended for like-minded milf lovers.

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    Thank you darling see you soon Xx

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    Default Emma at 102 - a very good MILFy session

    Person's Name : Emma

    Establishment : 102 Liverpool

    Date of Visit : 1/3/21

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : Liverpool Brothel & Escorts & Adult Full Services | Club 102

    Phone : 8798 3358

    Hours of Business : 24/7

    Rates : $150/hr

    Age : About 40?

    Size/shape : Ok face, curvy figure (bit cuddly but not too bad), decent C-cups, fully shaved

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Mongolian

    Services Provided : LFKing, BBBJ (including "fire and ice"), face-sitting, 69, FIV, cowgirl, reverse CG, doggie, FIA, mish, CIM (sort of)

    Value for money/recommend? : Yes - a fun session with an accommodating lady

    My experience/comments : I was tossing (a coin, just to clarify) between Emma and Selina. I’ve met them both in the corridor after other sessions – Selina is slimmer and more foxy, Emma is more MILFy and busty – so I read some reviews (thanks gents). Close run thing but it sounded like Emma’s service was more what I was looking for today so I called Christine and booked her.

    Christine met me at the door and took me to the room and suggested I shower as Emma would be with me in five minutes. But she turned up just as I was getting in the shower and she immediately started licking my nipples and stroking my cock.

    Emma is shortish and has an OK face (the photos are real but, as with anyone, she looks a bit better in the posed photos than in the middle of a working day). She was wearing a short, low-cut black thing.

    Onto the bed and Emma stripped. She has decent C-cups and a curvy (slightly cuddly) figure and was fully and freshly shaved.

    After some light kissing Emma gave my nipples a quick lick and then moved down to my cock, about which she was continuously complimentary. She soon asked whether I was married or single and she (worryingly) seemed interested when I said I was single.

    Her BBBJ was very good with no teeth and good use of her tongue and the only interruptions were when she licked my balls.

    Emma had her phone on the bed next to her so, as she was going on about my cock, I picked it up and took some photos of her sucking me. I then grabbed my phone and took some photos and an excellent video while she still sucked me.

    Emma asked whether I wanted “Cold water sucka-suck, hot water sucka-suck” and when I said I did she wrapped a sheet around herself and went to get the hot and chilled water.

    I was left watching the porn on the TV (which was the same clip as last time I’d been in that room so I knew the ending!!!!)

    Emma soon returned and gave me a very good “fire and ice” BJ.

    I asked for some 69 but Emma moved up and sat on my face (no complaints from me) and she soon went off – squirming and loudly moaning and I finger-fucked her before she pulled away.

    After some more BJ Emma then climbed aboard for some 69 and I think she came again. She had also applied some lube to my cock as she sucked and stroked me which got me close to cumming.

    Emma then wanted to fuck and dressed me. I asked whether I could later cum in her mouth and she said I could.

    We started with some very good cowgirl followed by some reverse CG and Emma rode me with some enthusiasm and passion.

    I asked for some doggie and stood by the bed and had a thumb a good way up her arsehole for a while before she asked me to remove it.

    We switched to the mish and I kept going faster then slowing down as Emma was talking dirty and urging me on.

    I wanted the CIM finale so after a good pounding I withdrew, removed the condom and lay down. Emma applied some lube and alternated between sucking me and stroking me and when I came I’m not sure how much actually went in her mouth.

    We then had a chat via Emma’s translator app. She said she was from Mongolia and I told her about my travels round China. Emma said she wanted to be my tour guide next time I went to China and she wanted us to exchange contact details but I always avoid that.

    She said she had been in Australia for just over a year and works at 102 every day.

    We were well over time and I pointed to the clock and said it was time to shower and I was dressing when there was the “hurry up” knock on the door.

    Emma led me down the corridor and I asked Christine whether I could meet the new girl, Amy. Amy was called and when I was waiting the busty Lucy walked past. I said hello to her and she obviously remembered that I had been unhappy with her being distracted by her lost phone when I saw her. She said “Lucy no good” but she was grinning as she said it.

    Amy came out of the day-room. A typical 102 friendly, busty MILF – certainly not a PYT but might be worth a visit.

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    Default emma - mongolian

    Person's Name : emma

    Establishment : 102 Liverpool

    Date of Visit : 18/04/21

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : https://102liverpool.com/

    Phone : 02 8798 3358

    Hours of Business : 10am - late

    Rates : 100/40 mins

    Age : 40's ? Hard to tell

    Size/shape : abit fat on tummy, has mark on body and her face

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese?

    Services Provided : BBBJ, FS,

    Value for money/recommend? : NO NO NO

    My experience/comments : this my 3rd visit in 2weeks time. as usual i walk in to the place, and greeting by the mamasan (shes not the usual mamasan, abit younger looking than the previous) i ask for new girl. after hand in the money to her,she took me to the room and later on emma introduce her self came in to say hi.
    i knew emma is not new girl here,as i've seen her face on their website. the mamasan trying to sell me out here, i said to emma to get the mamasan here as i want to change the girl. but again her english is terrible.
    she trying so hard to convince me to stay with her.
    ended up with her all the way untill finish. good attitude but her body is smells like cigarette, im not in the good mood from the start. i just want it to be over,start with bbbj then put condoms on some miss..and doggy.. in 30mins its over , i shower and walked out. Disappointed !! it make me think twice now to going back to this place.

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    Person's Name : Emma

    Establishment : 102 Liverpool

    Date of Visit : 18/05/21

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : https://102liverpool.com/

    Phone : 02 8798 3358

    Hours of Business : 10am - late

    Rates : $100 - 40 mins

    Age : Early 40's probably

    Size/shape : Average shape, a little flab on the stomach, C cups breast,

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

    Services Provided : BBBJ, FS,

    Value for money/recommend? : Not for me

    My experience/comments :

    After a full day of travelling between meeting in the North West I thought I’d stop in at 102 Liverpool for a bit of relaxation before going home. No booking so was intro’s to Anna and Emma, choosing the later after confirming CIM was available. Down the corridor to Room 8 right at the end with coloured lights rotating on the ceiling, I showered as Emma came back in and quickly undressed except for her stockings.

    A bit of LFK, obligatory cat bath before commencing what I would rate as a below par BBBJ. Confirming again that CIM was available and that two shots, one “suck” and one “fuck” was ok, which (despite Emma’s lack of english) was agreed. Like an earlier reviewer, when it came to CIM I don’t think anything actually went past her lips as I blew my first load, rather it finished all over me.

    A quick shower clean up and then it was a below average massage as Emma put some music on and sung/hummed along to the songs while running her forearm across my back. I soon bored of the massage so flipped and started getting ready for shot number two. Really not getting a vibe, I just wanted to get my release so dommed up, took Emma from behind and blew a second time, feeling a few days worth of pent up tension spirt from my body.

    I jumped in the shower and was dressed ready to go by the time Emma had showered.

    Overall I got my rocks off but even though I hadn’t been to 102 for a long time I doubt I’ll plan to go back.

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