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    Default Eva

    Person's Name : Eva

    Establishment : 102 Liverpool

    Date of Visit : 19/2/21

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : Liverpool Brothel & Escorts & Adult Full Services | Club 102

    Phone : 8798 3358

    Hours of Business : 24/7

    Rates : $150/hr

    Age : About 40

    Size/shape : OK face, curvy figure (little bit of a tummy), good C/D-cups, fully shaved

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

    Services Provided : LFKing, BBBJ, 69, cowgirl, doggie, mish, COB

    Value for money/recommend? : Yes - a good session with a cheerful lady

    My experience/comments : The six girls I’ve seen here over the last couple of months have all been previously reviewed (thank you, Khadji, Nick Rose etc) so I decided I should put my shoulder to the wheel and do some heavy lifting (and other mixed metaphors) and see a newish girl who I don’t think has been reviewed before.

    I called, spoke to Christine and booked Eva and it was Christine who opened the door when I arrived.

    She led me to the room and called Eva who joined me just after my shower.

    Eva has an OK, friendly face and was wearing a brown teddy which was very low-cut down the front revealing an ample cleavage (no bra or knickers).

    She stripped and had a quick shower.

    Eva has a curvy figure (just a couple of surplus kilos) with nice C/D-cups, a tattoo on her lower stomach and she was fully shaved.

    She knelt over me for some brief light kissing before licking my nipples while playing with my balls.

    She then moved down to start sucking me. It was a good BBBJ – no teeth, good use of the hands, few interruptions and plenty of saliva. But it was immediately very active with lots of rotations and bobbing of the head (I prefer a more slow and sensual start – but that’s being picky). She also gave my balls a good sucking.

    I asked for some 69 and she moved round. Eva was moaning gently all the time (no FIV was permitted) and I licked her for a good while before I seemed to get it right and she got a bit louder and pulled away saying “Too horny” (she might have climaxed – not sure).

    After a bit more BJ she got a condom but said I couldn’t cum in her mouth but on her tits was OK.

    We started with some Asian-style cowgirl (no lube was applied).

    Eva rode me passionately for a good while, with lots of flesh-on-flesh slapping noises, before she tired and asked that I fuck her so I suggested some doggie and stood by the bed.

    This was good as she was making the right noises and has a nice round butt.

    We then switched to the mish (still no lube) and I worked up a good head of steam, with the bed creaking loudly and Eva holding her legs in the air, but something wasn’t quite right (possibly the lack of lube) and I tired before I could cum.

    I withdrew, removed the condom and knelt over her. Eva then got some lube and tossed me off until I squirted on her tits.

    Eva showered and joined me on the bed for a chat.

    She immediately said she’d seen me before. I said not here and she said it was at 12 Rydalmere. I asked what name and she said Monica and I remembered I’d seen her at Royal Asians a year ago. I also met her at Kelly’s where she also worked (again as Monica) for a few weeks. She has also worked somewhere in Newcastle.

    I’m not sure what I should think about Eva remembering me from a year ago – should I be flattered or was it because I was the worst root ever?

    Eva said the photos they use are of her but, if that's true, she has put on a few kgs (but then who hasn't).

    We chatted until time was up and I showered and departed.

    As I was walking along the corridor a foxy looking lady came in the opposite direction. She said her name was Selina – “Next time” I said.

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    Default Eva at 102 Liverpool

    Person's Name : Eva

    Establishment : 102 Liverpool

    Date of Visit : March 2021

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : https://102liverpool.com/

    Phone : (02) 8798 3358

    Hours of Business : 24/7

    Rates : $150 hr

    Age : 40's

    Size/shape : Curvy figure, good C/D-cups, fully shaved - A great body like Tiffany Rain

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

    Services Provided : LFK, BBBJ, cowgirl, doggie, missionary,

    Value for money/recommend? :

    My experience/comments : Spending a Saturday night on a cruise and stop at Guilford, Smithfield, Villlawood (skipped Fairfield) with the destination at Liverpool - even though it was quite a far drive from the North West.

    Guilford - Only had 1 girl available
    Smithfield - Being so close to Guilford, I decide to stop by and have a quick look, decided against it because my last few punts has been transgender's
    Villawood - No one to my appeal
    Fairfield - I personally didn't see the 1hour $170 value so I skipped.

    Stopped by at Liverpool and only two girls available, picking Eva she lead me to the lead, had a quick shower and she joined me by the couch with a very relaxing ball licking and BBBJ.

    Went by the bed and decided to lick her out, followed by missionary, doggie - where she grabbed my balls from behind.

    Followed by an asian style cowgirl... and a switch to missionary before blowing in the DOM

    She gave me a relaxing message before I called it a night...

    A good overall punt! Yet the distance was far from home..

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    Default Effervescent Eva

    Person's Name : Eva

    Establishment : 102 Liverpool

    Date of Visit : 20 April 2021

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : Liverpool Brothel - Club 102

    Hours of Business : 10am to late

    Rates : $80 for 30mins

    Age : 40's

    Size/shape : Shaven, C-D Cups, Curvy

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

    Services Provided : BBBJ, DATY, 69, CFS

    Value for money/recommend? : Yes

    My experience/comments : I had headed in to see yet another of the new girls on the roster, and still 1 I missed on the weekend. Apparently that got way laid as when I arrived I made sure Mamasan new I wanted to see a new lady. Eva appeared and initially her pure bubbliness and outward personality over road my thoughts, so I handed over the dollars. I then realised I had seen her a couple of weeks ago, she has dyed her hair with blonde hi-lights since. Still she is very animated, and was apparently overjoyed to see me so I couldn't pass on what was looking to be a great session. Mamasan told me on the way out that she had seen me on the monitor on the way in and had to see me... Hmm, well who knows.

    So into the room and she was chatty, flirty and on the bounce as I got showered and dried off. Onto the bed and she was straight ontop for some quick upper body kisses, heading south and whilst she kissed my legs was always fondling my balls. She does that all the time, I guess its a favourite thing of hers, no complaint from me. Into a very action filled BBBJ, lots of head action, twirls and movement. It felt good and she was always playing pocket billiard at the same time. I was stroking her back and playing with her pussy so wanted to get in on the action and got her to lay down so I could enjoy some Chinese snacking. She has a nice pussy with decent lips and as I worked away I could feel it getting wetter and wetter, she clamped her legs around me and was holding my head at one point.

    Up for the next phase and before she dommed me up she grabbed a few more sucks on my cock, then into Mish where she was encouraging me to pump a little faster than my norm. She seems to like the more frenzied motions over the slow and steady. Mish into Doggy to enjoy the Mirror view, and when I was moving for a breather she hopped on for some RCG but squatting between my legs and playing with my balls as she happily bounced away. I got her to spin around so I could play with her breasts better and then added from motion from down under to her bounces. Back into Mish for the squirt home. She is very effervescent, offering to marry me at the end and happy I had come to see her again etc. It was a whirlwind action packed session and one of those unexpected ones, from what I garnered she works Mon/Tues/Wed.

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