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    Default Selina

    Person's Name : Selina

    Establishment : 102 Moore St. Liverpool

    Date of Visit : 28/9/20

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

    Phone : 02 8798 3358

    Hours of Business : 24/7

    Rates : $150/hr

    Age : late 30s

    Size/shape : Pretty face, slim, curvy, B cups, shaved

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

    Services Provided : lfk, daty, bbbj, cfs

    Value for money/recommend?: Good value/ recommended

    My experience/comments : Nice to see 102 Liverpool join the forum.

    Another day and another manager recommendation for a new recruit, Selina, who is quite different from the Salina on the roster last July. She seems to have moved on.

    Selina is a slender, sexy youthful milf with perky B cup breasts, a big smile and a pretty feline face which I find very attractive.

    Her English is pretty good too so shes cheeky and chatty throughout the session.

    Selina strips while Im drying off and helpfully asks What would you like ? so I suggest some reclining daty to get acquainted. This is a treat with her lean muscular frame and laser smooth pussy.

    Shes vocal but more ticklish than aroused and indicates a preference for a gentle clit focussed approach. We swap places to continue with some facesitting daty to maybe improve my chances of getting her to cum but in spite of some head gripping and encouraging noises its mostly good-natured FOAM for my benefit. Much appreciated though!

    We swap again and Selina starts her catbath routine which is more gentle kisses, sucks and bites than licking but feels great as she works her way slowly around my body from neck to knees.

    A nice bbbj follows with plenty of ball and shaft variation. Its a bit toothy at depth but pretty sensual. Selina looks great with good eye contact and no breaks.
    I ask about a cim finish later but Selina is not keen.

    She applies a condom and a little lube and slides me inside for some cg. Selina is very tight and after settling in with a slow grind, pushes down into my chest and commences some very energetic Asian cg. This catches me by surprise and nearly results in an early finish but I get her to slow down so I can regain some composure.

    We swap places again so I can enjoy watching Selina in mish. She really looks great with her pretty facial features and big smile and I can prolong my experience. Plenty of verbal encouragement and contractions eventually combine to get me to a great finish.

    We spend some gfe time embracing as we recline on the bed to finish our session before I head for the shower.
    A good session with a very attractive milf with good English and a great service attitude. If youre looking for some cheeky chatter to go with a satisfying, energetic fuck, I suggest you give Selina a try.

    At present she seems to be rostered most days.

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    Thank you See you soon Darling!Xxx

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    Default Sensual Selina

    Person's Name : Selina

    Establishment : 102 Moore St. Liverpool

    Date of Visit : 4th October 2020

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

    Phone : 02 8798 3358

    Hours of Business : 24/7

    Rates : $150/hr

    Age : 40ish

    Size/shape : Slim, B cups, Shaven

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese (North)

    Services Provided : Daty, BBBJ, LFK, CFS

    Value for money/recommend?: Yes

    My experience/comments : Saw the post from NickR and her addition to the roster, once it was clear she was a 'new' Selina so she went onto the Khad's radar. From the start she is definitely engaging, talking, and playing around a lot. Very slim and nice to look at which covers her age a little but still a very nice package. I start with some back touches and kisses while she is getting undressed. After she is naked I continue kissing and nibbling, she suggests that I lay back and let her do some of the work.

    She asks what I like and was looking for direction, normally I let the lady run their race as it keeps them more comfortable, so after letting her know I am not fussed on my nipples being licked she moves south. Lots of nibbles and almost like light bites around my lower stomach, inner thighs and below my balls. Some shaft work with lots of changes in where she was licking, nibbling and sucking. There was the hint of teeth in some of the BBBJ but it was light and not enough in this case for me to change up things.

    I got her to move up next to me so I could lick her nipples and give her pretty little pussy some action, I was enjoying it and she has one of those pussies that I am normally attracted to visually. She seemed to be liking it but I got the feeling that it wasn't going to get her to cum so I shifted up to give her a hug and some LFK before covering up for some Mish. A nice tight pussy and she gets engaged both physically and verbally as you thrust away. Over for some Doggy which I was enjoying, before trying some CG with me taking up the workload from underneath. Going back into some standing Mish to work out some creme de la Khad.

    Expect some chatter and conversation, she is very bubbly and a little different to the other ladies in her energy during the session. A good addition to the 102 line up.

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    Default Selina

    Person's Name : Selina
    Establishment : 102 Liverpool
    Date of Visit : 19/2/21
    Contact Details/Address/Weblink :
    Phone : 8798 3358
    Hours of Business : 24/7
    Rates : $150/hr (I paid $80 for 30 min)
    Age : Mid to late 30s
    Size/shape : Pretty, slim, B cups, totally shaved
    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese
    Services Provided : BBBJ, LFK, the usual
    Value for money/recommend? : Solid value

    Never checked out this shop before but I've fucked MILFs at Kelly's Five Dock so I thought I'd check out what was in Liverpool. Rocked up late on a Friday night without booking, and the mamasan was very pushy. Led me into a room with porn playing on the TV (I like this a lot, more brothels should have this) and showed me a chubby lady named Emma. Definitely below average in the looks department but she gave the sense of giving good service since she was grabbing my arm and cock before I had even taken my pants off. Nevertheless I wanted to check out the lineup so I asked to see more girls. Next one was Sasa who was average looking. And the next one was Selina, who looked younger (mid-late 30s) and prettier than the rest. Definitely would have caught your eye if you saw her next to the other girls. She was considerably slimmer too. Decided to go with her.

    I showered quickly and she stripped down and asked me to join her on the bed. We chatted for a bit, feeling up each other, when Emma came back in the room to grab her bag. Bit of a mood killer but whatever. After she left, I got to exploring Selina's body. She was in pretty good shape for her age and even had a little definition around her tummy. She gave me a great catbath and started with BBBJ which was mediocre - too much teeth and she didn't go deep or use her tongue much. Asked if CIM was on the menu and she said $50, then $30 - I didn't have any extra cash anyway but I've heard CIM is included with other girls. I suppose if you're one of the prettier ones you have the privilege of charging for it. So I opted not to go for it even though I was really in the mood for CIM.

    I ate her out for a few minutes and started rubbing her clit, which made her shake a lot and she even stopped me from eating her out (I guess she got close and didn't want to cum). She wanted to fuck instead, so I let her apply a dom and fucked her tenderly in mish while I sucked on her nipples. We then flipped over for cowgirl and she was really into this, riding me pornstar style. I decided to push my luck and asked if she would call me daddy (my brain was in full porn mode from the TV) which she did enthusiastically. This sent me over the edge and I blew a bit early lol.

    Cleaned up and she walked me to the back exit.

    This shop's not bad, it's spacious and pretty clean. I would come back, it's good value if you live nearby. But if you're not into MILFs this isn't the shop for you.

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    Default Selina at 102

    Person's Name : Selina

    Establishment : Club 102 Liverpool

    Date of Visit : 29/03/2021

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

    Phone 02) 8798 3358

    Hours of Business : 24hrs

    Rates : $100/40min

    Age : late 30s

    Size/shape : Short, slim, B cups enhanced?, toned with slight tummy

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

    Services Provided : bbbj, daty, cfs

    Value for money/recommend? : Yes

    My experience/comments : Had some free time after work and feeling horny so headed to 102. Selected Selina and off to the room with her and into the shower while she got the room ready. She get undressed while Im getting dried and I like what I see. Nice toned body with only a slight tummy and nice legs and breasts.
    She has a shower to freshen up and I lay on the bed and she sits next me gently stroking my legs, stomach and cock while we chat. Good English and pleasant to talk to.
    She begins to focus more on my growing cock and moves down and takes it in her mouth. Starts off nice and deep but as I get harder she focuses more on licking the shaft and head and taking him in around half way. Moves down and licks and gently sucks my balls for a while and then back up to continue the bbbj. While she isnt going deep it still feels satisfying due to the lip and tongue action.
    Get her to move around into 69 and after a bit of this she says fuck now. I know my limitations so I say not yet and get her to lay on the bed while I move down to spend some time licking her pussy. Nice and smooth with a clit that gets quite large and hard with the tongue action. After a bit she starts to giggle and says tickling so I move up and give her nipples a bit of attention before asking her to suck my cock again to get it fully hard and ready to go. Then its on with the cover and i get her on all fours at the edge of the bed for standing doggy. A bit of her saliva for lubricant and I slide into a beautifully snug pussy. Shes down on her elbows with her bum in the air and Im in heaven watching my cock slide in and out while holding her hips and cheeks. Im not sure if its the angle or if she has an amazing pussy but she fits like a glove and in what seems like no time at all Im blowing in the bag.
    We lay on the bed and chatted for a while until it was time for showers and out the door a very satisfied punter. She normally works Thursday to Sunday but was standing in for someone today. Also says she worked previously in a legit massage shop so may be worth getting a bit of a massage next time around.

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