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    Person's Name : Lucy

    Establishment : 102 Liverpool

    Date of Visit : 13/1/21

    Contact Details/Address/Weblink : Liverpool Brothel & Escorts & Adult Full Services | Club 102

    Phone : 8798 3358

    Hours of Business : 24/7

    Rates : $150/hr

    Age : Late 30s?

    Size/shape : OK face, big boned (not fat but a bit cuddly), lovely tits (at least D's), shaved

    Nationality or Ethnicity : Taiwanese

    Services Provided : BBBJ, 69, face-sitting, DATY, (brief) FIV, cowgirl, reverse CG, doggie, mish

    Value for money/recommend? : A difficult review to write - I want to be fair as I'm sure a good time can be had with Lucy but I can only report on my session and it wasn't satisfactory today (see below)

    My experience/comments : I asked about Lucy’s hours last time I was here as that day she was starting late and Christine (reception) told me to ring the day before and she’d make sure Lucy would be available earlier. So I phoned yesterday and booked Lucy for this morning.

    Turned up and was met by Mona (today’s receptionist). After the COVID formalities and the toll, Mona led me to the room. (BTW – if anyone bothered to check my QR check-ins so far this year it would make interesting reading – one trip to Coles, one to Bunnings and six to brothels. Shows my priorities!!)

    I showered and waited and then Mona knocked on the door and said Lucy was a bit late – something about her phone. Not a problem as I had plenty of time and at least Mona kept me informed.

    After about 15 minutes Lucy came in wearing her street clothes. She apologised saying that she’d just lost her phone and she went to put on her work clothes.

    She returned wearing a black nightie which displayed her ample charms.

    She has an OK face and she stripped to reveal a curvy figure (big-boned and slightly chubby), a fine pair of at least D-cups and a shaved bush. I’d seen from previous reviews that Lucy is not a slim, PYT but I’m older, fatter and uglier than her so I wasn’t complaining.

    She knelt between my legs stroking my cock and then started a good BBBJ – no teeth, plenty of saliva, no interruptions and good hand-action.

    She then knelt beside me and applied some lube so I could finger her pussy while she gave me a tit to suck on.

    Then it went downhill as Lucy went to her bag and got another phone and started texting, saying something about having lost her phone in a shop. I put up with this and got her to move round for some 69.

    This was good as Lucy was making all the right noises before pulling away saying “Too much”.

    After a breather I got her to sit on my face but soon she picked up her phone again and sent more texts so I just stopped licking her.

    She dismounted and wanted to fuck but it was too early so I got her to lie down for some DATY.

    Again she sounded like she was enjoying it and I gently finger-fucked her for a short while before she said “Too sore”.

    I then knelt by her head so she could suck me some more but she picked up her phone again, this time calling someone.

    I asked her to stop and lay down for some more BJ and then asked her to get a condom. I asked whether I could later cum in her mount but she shook her head.

    We started with some cowgirl which was good as Lucy rode me with some passion at first and I was able to play with her tits but she was obviously distracted as she kept looking at the bedside table where her phone lay, seemingly waiting for a reply, so I asked her to turn round for some reverse CG.

    This too was good as she vigorously rose me some more while she watched the porn on the TV.

    Next some doggie and the sight in the mirrors of her tits swinging low as she knelt in front of me was memorable.

    We switched to the mish and I had to keep slowing down to prolong it but eventually I couldn’t hold back any longer and squirted.

    Lucy tidied me up and took a quick shower but, with about 10 minutes still to go, she then got back on her phone again.

    I made it clear that I was not happy and said she should just leave and get her phone back. She said she would stay but there was no point so I showered and dressed.

    I understand that she was distracted and concerned about retrieving her phone but she shouldn’t have let it affect the session that much.

    But don’t get me wrong, I’m sure most other times a very good session can be had with Lucy – just not this morning.

    On my way out, with Lucy standing next to me, I gave the receptionist some feedback and made it clear that I was far from gruntled (there actually is such a word, but it is seldom used). I was told that next time she would give me a longer session to make up.

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    Does anybody know where Lucy is now? She's been out of 102 for a while now and believe she was last at 65 Carlton. Any Intel is greatly appreciated!

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