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  1. Nora

    Started by Khadji, 16th December 2021 06:59 PM
    action, attacking, back, bbbj, bed, bend, breathe, buried, cheeks, clit, cockhead, collapsing, coming, cream, delivery, doggy, dom, edge, ends, enjoying, fast, gave, good, gusto, happy, head, home, licking, loud, made, mish, moaning, moved, nora, note, pussy, rubbed, session, shaft, smiling, spit, sprint, standing, starter, stood, stopped, thumbs, underneath, wanted, worked
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    Last Post: 6th February 2022 07:31 PM
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  2. Lina

    Started by Khadji, 30th April 2021 05:21 PM
    action, adding, addition, applied, back, bed, brothel, bucking, cbj, change, crescendo, doggy, dom, face, forcefully, gave, genuine, grinding, heats, khad, launched, lina, liverpool, lotion, loud, mention, minutes, mish, mission, moments, move, moved, position, pushing, quiet, rubbing, sat, shy, slim, spray, start, started, stomach, takes, team, things, thumbs, tight, turned, volume
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    Last Post: 30th April 2021 05:21 PM
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  3. Lucy

    Started by Khadji, 13th February 2020 07:59 PM
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    100%, 30/11/2020, accepted, action, agree, allowed, arguement, art, asks, attention, back, ball, bbbj, bed, begin, begins, big, bit, brothel, catbath, chicken, closed, curvy, date, daty, debatable, depth, dfk, dinner, disappointed, disco, don’t, drogo, end, enjoy, enjoyed, enjoys, entrance, establishment, explains, fake, finished, front, fuck, fucked, full, gently, give, good, halfway, head, heavy, helps, house, hurt, improved, invitation, khadji, kissing, knockers, lady, larger, learned, life, literally, liverpool, long, lots, loud, love, lucy, lucys, mamasan, marks, massage, massive, met, minutes, missionary, mouth, music, natural, nice, obliges, oretty, orgasm, orgasmic, paid, persons, phone, play, playing, practice, puppies, pussy, quick, rang, read, reckon, return, review, road, room, services, session, shes, shops, shower, sight, sized, skills, slowly, small, smashed, straight, swayed, teeth, thought, thrust, time, times, tits, tongue, visit, wanted, whilst, winner, women
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    Last Post: 27th July 2022 05:49 PM
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  4. Michelle the Service Queen

    Started by addict, 26th June 2019 11:23 PM
    asked, ass, back, balls, bbbj, business, cim, cock, continued, deeper, detail, drained, dtbbbj, face, feel, felt, flipped, giving, hand, hard, instinctively, loud, made, manage, michelle, moans, pleasure, point, position, queen, quivering, rimming, round, sensations, service, serviced, shot, spit, start, started, starts, stopped, suck, sucking, sydney, teeth, till, time, tromboning, wanted
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 4,363
    Last Post: 26th June 2019 11:23 PM
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  5. Sia at 533 - fun girl

    Started by Newboy, 2nd March 2018 06:04 PM
    30s, angie, asked, b-cups, bbbj, bed, bush, butt, condom, cute, daty, dfking, doggie, early, face, figure, gestured, girl, good, great, hand-action, home, lay, legs, lick, lot, loud, love, lovely, lube, massage, mish, mouth, position, pretty, room, session, showered, sia, sight, slim, started, stop, stripped, suggested, teeth, time, told, trimmed, waiting
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 1,791
    Last Post: 2nd March 2018 06:04 PM
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  6. Jojo at 64 - excellent session

    Started by Newboy, 13th February 2018 07:09 PM
    142’s, asked, back, bed, bit, clit, cock, condom, cute, doggie, double, earlier, excellent, face, girl, good, great, home, i’d, jojo, looked, loud, love, lube, massage, message, morning, moved, nice, phone, punting, remembered, round, session, sia, started, sucking, suggested, talk, text, thought, time, tomorrow, visit, wanted, wasn’t, work, year, “mina”, “you
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 1,937
    Last Post: 13th February 2018 08:51 PM
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  7. Jessie

    Started by Whatakonk, 3rd September 2017 07:33 PM
    bbbj, booked, business, climax, collapsed, comfortable, date, delicious, dine, elegant, english, full, girls, grabbed, hair, hour, intensity, interested, jessie, jodie, jodie’s, lady, lengthy, lips, loud, lovely, massage, monday, moved, position, positions, proceeded, pulled, pussy, ramp, regain, room, sensual, session, shop, shower, slow, strong, tall, tight, visit, waiting, willoughby, woman, worked
    • Replies: 2
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    Last Post: 3rd September 2017 09:35 PM
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  8. Money at 533 - good girl

    Started by Newboy, 10th May 2017 06:46 PM
    angie, asked, bbbj, bed, black, bolt-ons, butt, c-cup, cheeks, chin, cock”, condom, cum, didn’t, dismount, dressing, eyes, face, figure, girl, giving, good, great, guess, hair, hand-job, happy, happy”, legs, loud, made, massage, money, mouth, nice, paid, pretty, sat, shower, sit, slowly, starting, stop, suggested, time, times, turn, writhing, “big, “happy
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 3,700
    Last Post: 10th May 2017 08:14 PM
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  9. Gigi nice Indo girl

    Started by curly69, 30th March 2017 03:29 PM
    back, bad, bbbj, bed, bit, booking, butt, cim, cleans, cock, continue, cuddle, cum, daty, doms, end, enter, fuck, gigi, give, good, grab, great, hard, head, hour, hours, lie, load, long, loud, minutes, moaning, nice, playing, pound, pretty, pussy, quickly, rest, roseville, shower, start, starts, suck, sucking, technique, thing, time, vocal
    • Replies: 3
    • Views: 4,561
    Last Post: 1st April 2017 03:04 PM
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  10. Rita at 64 - one of the best

    Started by Newboy, 25th March 2017 09:55 AM
    23/3/17, asked, bbbj, bed, bit, body, chat, cock, condom, couple, eventually, face, gave, gentle, good, gradually, great, increased, kissing, late, lay, lightly, loud, minutes, nice, persons, position, prefer, pretty, rita, shapely, she’d, shower, sit, slim, slowing, slowly, sophie, squirted, started, stop, tempo, told, top”, tube, turn, visit, wanted, wash, “you
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 3,259
    Last Post: 3rd May 2017 12:02 AM
    by andrewblake  Go to last post
  11. Sienna at 533

    Started by Newboy, 19th February 2017 07:29 PM
    angie, b-cups, bed, bit, bush, chance, cheerful, cim, clit, closely, cock, couldn’t, cowgirl, cum, daty, decided, disbelieve, dom, finale, girl, girls, good, ground, hard, licked, licking, loud, love, massage, mish, moved, persons, pounding, pretty, quick, rode, room, rubbed, session, showered, sienna, slim, started, suck, things, time, trimmed, vocal, warm, wasn’t
    • Replies: 4
    • Views: 2,366
    Last Post: 19th February 2017 11:37 PM
    by silk  Go to last post
  12. Nicki at 533 - excellent BJ

    Started by Newboy, 19th January 2017 05:41 PM
    applied, arse, back, bbbj, bed, bit, black, c-cups, couple, daty, day, dom, english, eventually, excellent, face, finger, gently, girl, girls, good, great, head, job, late, lay, legs, licking, loud, lovely, lube, making, massage, moved, natural, nice, nicki, perineum, pretty, rimming, round, saggy, showered, slightly, slowly, started, stomach, thrown, time, week
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 2,169
    Last Post: 19th January 2017 05:41 PM
    by Newboy  Go to last post
  13. Lora at Roseville Rose

    Started by horny as hell, 23rd December 2016 06:16 PM
    appreciated, bbbj, bed, body, clothes, contact, crazy, dance, decent, decided, details/address/weblink, discomfort, eventually, finish, foaming, giggling, give, greatest, half, hour, kissing, life, literally, lora, loud, love, money/recommend, mouth, music, neck, offered, pleasant, point, punt, put, putting, rose, roseville, shower, slobbered, sloppy, splooge, started, telling, terrible, thing, time, wanted, wasn;t, wet
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 2,230
    Last Post: 23rd December 2016 06:16 PM
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  14. Lisa at Roseville Rose - lovely young girl

    Started by Newboy, 31st October 2016 06:33 PM
    air, balls, bed, black, bra, chat, commenced, condom, couldn’t, cum, cumming, day, english, face, girl, give, good, great, hand, hug, lay, licking, lisa, loud, louder, lovely, mish, mouth, moved, perineum, pretty, punters, rooms, rose, roseville, round, shapely, showered, slowly, started, sucked, suggest, time, times, told, tongue, top, waiting, week, “you
    • Replies: 5
    • Views: 3,813
    Last Post: 13th December 2016 12:13 PM
    by WOTAN010  Go to last post
  15. Alina at 533 - one to look out for

    Started by Newboy, 28th October 2016 03:16 PM
    age, alina, angie, asked, back, bbbj, bed, body, book, booking, brilliant, butt, cock, comments, couple, creamy, cum, cumming, don’t, exhausted, fantastic, full, girl, gradually, great, increased, i’d, i’m, joined, lips, loud, minutes, money, played, pretty, recommendation, room, round, session, sex, she’d, she’s, showed, started, suggested, time, told, wearing, wet, young
    • Replies: 4
    • Views: 2,816
    Last Post: 7th November 2016 06:18 PM
    by silk  Go to last post
  16. Nicole~ pint sized fun!

    Started by MrJellyFish, 22nd October 2016 06:18 PM
    air, arms, back, balloon, blacked, breaking, burnt, bus, cradled, cream, drilled, end, eyes, filled, finish, flat, fucking, full, fun, gasp, good, groaned, harder, head, heard, level, loud, loudly, memory, missionary, moaned, mound, mustve, nearing, nicole, point, pounding, pussy, reckon, snatch, soft, stop, straight, street, style, tear, thing, tight, till, time
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 2,444
    Last Post: 22nd October 2016 06:18 PM
    by MrJellyFish  Go to last post
  17. Kaye at 533

    Started by Newboy, 18th October 2016 04:27 PM
    backside, bad, bbbj, bed, bit, blacktown, blowing, c-cups, chinese, cim, cock, condom, curvy, didn’t, finale, girl, good, great, half, it’s, i’d, joined, kaye, kimchi, knelt, korean, late, lay, long, loud, massage, pretty, prostate, pussy-slide, put, relieved, resume, room, shapely, showered, slim, started, stop, stopped, suggested, time, told, wasn’t, work, worked
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 5,352
    Last Post: 19th October 2016 10:04 PM
    by lnz117  Go to last post
  18. Tracey at 533 (should be called Skippy)

    Started by Newboy, 15th October 2016 07:50 AM
    angie, asked, attentive, back, bbbj, bed, bit, business, c-cups, cim, clit, corner, cubicle, daty, didn’t, dried, english, eventually, gave, gfe, good, home, increased, i’ve, left, licking, lie, limited, long, loud, make, massage, minutes, moved, playfully, pretty, punched, quick, room, session, shower, skippy, started, stop, time, tongue, tracey, turned, wanted, writhing
    • Replies: 3
    • Views: 2,516
    Last Post: 15th October 2016 01:57 PM
    by Newboy  Go to last post
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